Thursday, July 21, 2016

Raptors 10th Company Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of Raptors 10th company.

In today's discussion I will discuss what I am fielding for my upcoming campaign. Granted it is only a 1000 pts but it does seem odd to some people what I am fielding.

So I am running lead with my friend assisting the campaign. We both agreed at 1000 pts no flyers or Lords of War. We want this as a fun campaign for the rest of the group. The actual campaign starts in August and will be running to About April.

So with out further undo her is my 1000 point list:


10th Co. Captain - Power Sword, Melta bombs, Primarch's Fury.


Scout Squad Felk (III)- Veteran Sgt Felk armed with Power Maul and Melta bombs. (Missing is their Land Speeder Storm- not started)

Scout Squad Tomez (IV)- Veteran Sgt Tomez is armed with a shotgun, power maul and melta bombs.

Scout Squad Helios (V)- Veteran Sgt Helios has melta bombs. Entire squad has camo cloaks.

Scout Squad Archlift (VI)- Veteran Sgt Archlift has melta bombs. Entire squad has camo cloaks.

Scout Squad Venze (VII)- Veteran Sgt Venze has sniper rifle. Entire Squad has camo cloaks.

Elite Choice

Rifleman Dreadnought (No Images- awaiting Left arm)
Twin Autocannons

Fast Attack 

Land Speeder Tornado (No Images- not started yet)
Assault cannon and Heavy bolter

Heavy Support 

Dakka Predator x2 (No images- 1 started)
Autocannon turret, Heavy bolter Sponsons.

Stay tuned for Part 4 where I will talk about the choices I made.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

For the Emperor!

So I have been bouncing around an idea lately......

After I finish my 10th Company Raptors, I want to work on another army, but which one.

Crimson Fists- Drop Pods, Stern guard, and a demi company all lead by Pedro Kantor.

Crimson Fists- Full 5th Company

Order of the Bloody Rose- a very large Sisters of Battle/ Adepta Sororitas army.....and I do mean very large.

Grey Knights- Lots of terminators......and Dread Knights. Very uber but deficiencies are very apparent.

Exorcists Space Marine Chapter- another marine army...with my choice of chapter tactics....more Power armor ...nope

In the end I think I figured it out. My Raptor 10th is only going to 2500 pts, so I want this army to be different not vehicle heavy, unique, good hard hitting troops, that can deal with the various threats my friends throw out at me:

The idea is this so far:

Nemesis Strike Force (Grey Knights)
- Lvl 3 GK Librarian
-10 man GK Terminator Squad
-Nemesis Dread knight

Strike Force Ultra (Exorcists)
-2x 5 man Shooty Terminators
-2x 5 man Melee Terminators
-Venerable Dreadnought
-Storm Raven
-Land Raider Redeemer

Ordo Mallues Inquisitor

Militarum Tempestus Scions Hellrain Brigade
-Scion Command Squad
- 5 man Scions squad
-Taurox Prime

Imperial Knight


3500 points

A lot different then My Crimson Fists (well rounded/ balanced), Sisters (horde), or my Raptors (sneaky, aircraft & tank heavy) which are mainly built using Combined Arms detachments and this one is almost all formations, lots of  elite troops (2+/5++ saves galore), but small in numbers (41 total models but 5 respawn everytime they die) Plus this gives me Inquisition army  1 of 3.

eventually I will add:

Ordo Xenos will be a squad of Deathwatch attached to my Crimson Fists lead by an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor where the bulk will be Crimson Fists

Ordo Hereticus will be the Hellrain brigade attached to My Sisters lead by an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor where the bulk will be Sisters of Battle.  

=][= Suffer not the Alien, Witch, or Daemon to live.....PURGE THEM ALL =][=

Friday, July 15, 2016

Raptors 10th Company Part 2

So yesterday I mentioned what units I felt the 10th company would use. Today I am going to talk what units I plan on fielding and why:


10th Company Captain- Necessary option for the full 10th company. In the campaign I am runnng and playing in he will be my default HQ.

Librarian- After the the bump from 1000 pts to 1500 pts, he is added. I am fighting Eldar and Nids for sure. He will be needed.

Lias Issoden*- Chapter master for the Raptors. No Invulnerable save no Orbital bombardment....but makes up for it with his Custom bolter and special rules. He will eventually appear in my Raptors army. When I don't know.

10th Company Chaplain*- May be a good addition later down the line. But currently no plans for him besides to build and paint him.

Techmarine*- The amount of armor I am fielding I should invest in one.......but still one the fence.


Terminator Squads*- Infiltrating terminators thanks to Lias Issoden.....Yes PLEASE, but eventually, have to finish the 2500 pts first.

Terminator Assault Squads*- Raptors are shooting not melee maybe a squad but very doubtful.

Sternguard Squad*- Yes but like the terminators after the the 2500 pts are done....

Vanguard Squad*- more feasible than the terminator assault squad but still doubtful...maybe a Ravenguard Allied detachment....

Dreadnoughts (all Styles)- I plan on fielding 3 stock dreadnoughts (2 with dual autocannons, and one assault cannon powerfist w/ hvy flamer)

Command Squad*- 4 veterans 1 apothecary, but after 2500 pts.


Scouts- it is the 10th company after all (plus Land Speeder storms)

Fast Attack

Land Speeders- Typhoons and lots of guns and great light mobile units to support my scouts

Stormhawks- Air Support and anti mobile and aircraft hunters. Must have

Stormtalons- Same as Stormhawks but ability to strafe ground targets....with a bonus to hit ground targets.

Scout Bike Squads*- see scout entry

Heavy Support

Predators- Dakka versions (Autocannon hvy bolter sponsons) 3 of them in my list, adds much need range fire support to Scout company.

Relic Sicaran-  Should not be in with the 10th company but looks cool, great rules, and another great light armor hunting tank. Plus ignores jink saves bye bye  eldar grav vehicles.

Fire Raptor- Why not.....I want to kill hordes of infantry and having a big scary aircraft supporting 3 stormhawks, 2 stormtalons and mulitple land speeders. Plus the look on my opponents faces when it opens up will be classic.

Tarantula Sentry guns*- I have 3 hvy bolters and 3 lascannons sentry guns....Might finally build them for this army.

Lord of  War*

Undecided- But given the options I feel the Thunderhawk is the only viable one.

Stay tuned for part 3 next week which I will actually discuss what is in my list for a 1000 pts, w

*Units are not slated to be in the campaign  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Raptors 10th Company

So I mentioned previously that I was working on a my Raptors 10th company version 3, for a a campaign I am running. While I had a lot of input from others to take this unit or that unit, it just doesn't fit the idea I am going for. I want the full 10th Company. 100 scouts mixed between 10 squads 10 scouts in a mixture of infantry, Land Speeder Storms, and bikes. And a lot of the information I had read seems to contradict the new er information. So I'm gonna break down my 10th Company view points. Granted this is not officially cannon nor is it factual. Its one persons views.... and like anyone will see this, read this or even comment.

  1. Captain- Master of Recruits. He is in charge of the Scouts training. 
  2. Librarian*- Watcher of the Recruits. In my opinion some chapters would have a Senior Librarian attached to the 10th company along with a Chaplain to watch over their minds for corruption and taint.
  3. Chaplain- Master of the Initiation. Chaplains functions would be teaching the Recruits administering the rites, preserving the rituals and performing the ancient ceremonies of initiation, vindication and redemption.

  1.  Command Squads- The Training Cadre. This is where Veteran Sgts/ Sgts that are awaiting a new scout squad are stationed. No Company Champion or Banner Bearer but would have apothecaries. 

  1. Scout Squads- Lead by a Full on battle brother Veteran Sgt/ Sgt. 9 recruits and 1 Marine in carapace armor. The Veteran Sgt/ Sgt may have volunteered to instruct the Scout squads, been selected, or shows a certain skill set that makes him viable to instruct a scout squad. Squads are named after the Veteran Sgt/ Sgt.
Fast Attack

  1. Scout Bike Squads- Same as Scout Squads but further along in training and will be soon elevated to the rank of battle brother.
Dedicated Transport
  1. Land Speeder Storm- Transports for Demi squads. carries various weapons to assist the squad complete their mission.

Support Units
  1. Dreadnoughts*- No venerable or ironclad, just standard dreadnoughts. Dreadnoughts purpose is to teach the recruits how to work together with dreadnoughts for if and when they are promoted to battle brothers. Also they add the long range fire support the 10th company is lacking. 
  2. Predators*- Adds long range support like the dreadnought and combined arms instruction.
  3. Whirlwinds*- Scout Support by forward observing in missions that require ranged shelling.
  4. Aircraft*- Stormhawks, Stormtalons, Stormravens, Stormeagles, and Fire Raptor. Air support for scout movements.
  5. Land Speeders*- Same as aircraft.
  6. Thunderfires*- Same as Whilwind more portable. 
  7. Tarantula gun emplacments*- small remote gun platforms deployed by scout teams

* all units not truly attached to 10th company 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Update......5 months later

So updating time.....

So those of you that have seen this blog before know that I am a big Fan of Sisters of Battle/ Adepta Sororitas and the Crimson Fists Space Marine Chapter. Some other Chapters I am a fan of our Space Wolves, Emperor's Children (Traitor 30k/ Chaos 40k), Imperial Fists, and Raptors (Raven Guard Successors). While I have played a lot of various armies, built various armies, and sold lots of armies, I have only truly finished painting and basing one army and then sold it for an offer that I could not refuse at the time. So I'm  gonna break down the armies I have owned and actually played over the years.

Sons of Thor- 2nd edition. My first army during 2nd Ed...based on the scheme of Marvel's Thor with yellow boots....gah...that army was the 2nd edition starter. Sticking to the story none of those marines exist anymore.

Space Wolves- 2nd edition. One of my favorite chapters, always will be too. Vikings in space. Lots of battles fought with them over the years of 2nd to 4th editions. Sold to a Friend, strangely no desire to rebuild them........

Sisters of Battle/ Adepta Sororitas- 2nd edition. My Favorite Army by far. I think they are on their 6th different color scheme over the years.....but this time I am sticking to the Order of the Bloody Rose. Lots of models and heavier than they should be. Still my favorite Jes Goodwin sculpts. Still Own.

Dark Angels- 3rd edition (early) they had rules the Wolves did not. Had them for a while and were absorbed into another army. This probably led to my dislike of Dark Angels and being a Space Wolf fan didn't help.

Black Templars- 3rd edition (Mid). Look cool, lots of character and conversions (Former Dark Angels too)  in the army but after getting stomped by a friend, did not see a need for 2 melee armies for 40k at that time. Sold.

Emperor's Children-  3rd edition. Chaos.......Noise MARINES, Slaanesh Daemons, Lots of points small army. New editions killed them by taking away the cult marines....the new edition still sucks! destroyed while stored away or dissected for parts.

Crimson Fists- 3rd edition (late). They had molded shoulder pads, they hated orks, they had cool artwork, they had cool back stories. Still one of my favorite chapters only being beaten by Space Wolves. Over a Company Strong....not painted

Black Legion- 4th edition. Abaddon the Despoiler, Infantry, terminators, Dreadnoughts....that's all I fielded (well hq was not always Abaddon but). Spearhead tactic just walk them straight towards the objective firing bolters then switch to melee weapons once in range.....Brutal. After Abaddon ripped the sponson off  a Land Raider and took rail gun hits and kept going I lost interest......they were almost completely painted. Sold

Raptors Legion- 4th ed/ 5th edition. All Scout army....surprisingly brutal and fun to play. Only power armor was HQ. Version 1 was fully built, painted, based and sold....I missed them. So I started a Version 2.....built 1 1/2 models and went on to another project.

Grey Knights- 6th edition- Acquired them in trade....played 2 of my only 3 games of 6th edition with them. both wins....but my list was Draigo, Paladins (2 single man squads and 2 5 man squads of paladins) , and 1 squad of Grey knight terminators (5 man)  both armies had Daemons in them and one was all daemons...2-0. Still have them.....Going to do an all Terminator force with Nemesis Dreadknights eventually.

On the Bench

30k Imperial Fists-  Once what was going to be Word Bearers (never fully started them) is now going to be be my Pollux based Imperial Fist siege heavy army. In boxes at this time.

Raptors- version 3. Building this for a campaign I am running. All scouts with Dreads, predators, Land Speeder, and aircraft support. Campaign is starting at 1000 pts ending at 2500 pts.  I may continue this army to be the Full 10th company with various 1st company support......debating it still.
In progress

In the future possibly

Emperor's Children- 30k/40k Noise marine list based around Kakophoni....1 army both editions.....I can dream. Chances of this army actually getting built  below 50% 

Militarum Tempestus- 40k Inquistorial Stormtroopers.....I have Sisters, Grey Knights, why not....Chances of this army actually getting built 75-85%

Inquisitiors- Have a terminator armored Ordo Mallues Inquistor, Need an Ordo Xenos and Ordo Heretus Inquistors that are in scale.....Chances of this army actually getting built 75-85%

Death Watch- I want an ally contingent for my some of my armies. Idea is either loyal marines I have played, veterans of the Badab War or Chapters I like that I never played (White Panthers comes to mind). Chances of this army actually getting built 60%

After writing this I realized I have never played 40k as a xenos army but have built xenos armies sold them and faced them....but I do like Power Armor and with the few small ventures into chaos...

There is only the Emperor