Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Double post...ohhhh

so I decided I am gonna work on a side project, During my Hidden Hands of the Emperor ETL. Parts, models, and other stuff has been ordered and now I am just waiting for it to come in. This will be a small project that will lead into a Huge Project for my 40k armies leading up to a Massive Combined Imperial army.

Hidden Hands of the Emperor Post 3- Vow#1 day 2 and Day 3

I fell behind updating the blog a little....

Hidden Hands of the Emperor Update #2

Not much to report today did more black painting on the squads down to Squad IV needing there black paints and 1 member of Squad III remaining.


Squad V is seen at the bottom in this photo but does not count towards the vow.

Hidden Hands of the Emperor Update #3

Black paint completed, still need to highlight it.

To do still:
Pouches, grenades, gear
Odds and ends (optics and such)
Camo cloaks

But once that is done I'll have 25 scouts done for the Army.


And figure out if I want to camo paint the sniper rifles or do them green and black or green and brown

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hidden Hands of the Emperor Post 2- Vow #1 day 1

Day 1 down!

Hidden Hands of the Emperor Update #1

After work last night I took my "before" picture and submitted it for my ETL Vow. I then started getting some colors down on the scouts. I vowed to paint 20-25 scouts from 4 squads, but as I took them out of the display case I went ahead an pulled the squad that was started out too. This squad wont count towards the vow but it would nice to get them painted up too. I am hoping to get time to build and prime the other 10 bolter scouts for the 2 bolter/ missile launcher squads (5 each) but they are not being included in the vow as I did not vow them but plan on cranking them out as part of Vow #1.

What I got done so far:

Before Pictures:
Squad VII Venze to the Left and Squad VI Archlift to the right

Squad III Felk on the Left and Squad IV Tomez on the Right
After pictures:

Squad V led by Veteran Sgt Helios (not pictured/ not part of the vow)- One bolter scout was primed green and his camo cloak was Steel Legion drab. I painted parts to be metallic and black, abaddon black. The 2 other bolter scouts and the missile launcher scout were already this far and Veteran Sgt Helios is done. 

Veteran Sgt Hector Helios of the 10th Co Raptors, V Scout Squad

Squad VI led by Veteran Sgt Archlift (squad closes to the bottom)- Camo Cloaks based with Steel Legion Drab, metallic and black areas received first coat of abaddon black. Veteran Sgt Archlift also received his black Veteran stripe. 

Squad VII led by Veteran Sgt Venze (second from the bottom)- camo cloaks base coated, 3 of 5 weapons done in black base coat- this may change to a different color unsure currently. Fatigues and hair and other metallic parts are black on 3 of 5 models.

Squad IV led by Veteran Sgt Tomez (second from top)- Veteran Sgt Tomez received his black Veteran Sgt Stripe. 

Squad III led by Veteran Sgt  Felk (top squad)- Veteran Sgt Felk received his black Veteran Sgt Stripe. 

Hopefully I'll finish the black sections tonight. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hidden Hands of the Emperor Post 1- Vow #1 made

So the Hidden Hands of the Emperor ETL Vow is now Live!

Originally slated to start at midnight on June 15th, 2017 12:00 am and run until September 14th,2017  11:59 pm, Valaas the ring leader for this ETL said it was ok to start vows with midnight already hitting New Zealand and Australia.

 the Vows/ Challenges available 
  • HQ
  • Elites
  • Troops
  • Fast Attack
  • Heavy Support
There will also be three bonus awards available during the challenge:

  • Race Bannon Challenge - complete a model to represent our hard working Raven Guard moderator, it can be a character or a rank an file trooper. I know a few have done this already so rather than you making another one, you can post your completed Race. (easy win for those who have done one before).

    If a participant completes the Race Bannon Challenge a Laurel Wreath will be added to the unit type 'pip' i.e. If a Sternguard Veteran Sergeant is modeled as Race, the Laurel will appear around the Elites 'pip' on the Banner.
  • Flyer Challenge - A bonus 'Pip' will be awarded for those participants who vow and complete a Flyer choice, though this is not required to 'light' the Aquilla.
  • Lord of War Challenge - A bonus 'Pip' will be awarded for those participants who vow and complete a Lord of War choice, though this is not required to 'light' the Aquilla. (I will not be competing this one at this time) 
For my 1st Vow, I went with my 4 scout squads so this will complete my troops option. I may be upgrading my 2 bolter squads to 10 man during this depending how long it takes me to paint the other squads. Squad V lead by Sgt Helios will not be part of the vow as that squad was started and is not allowed to be a participant, even if I added the extra 5 men to it, but ill work on them along the others so I can have them all done.  

At this time I'm not sure what I'll make my 2nd vow....not the planned predator for heavy support tho.

Friday, May 19, 2017

New Painting challenge coming soon

   So the Hidden Hands of the Emperor ETL is coming up just under 4 weeks. After participating in the Talon's Reach Armory building event (which I had a lot of fun in), I have decided it is almost time to bust out the brush in get cracking on the my 10th company Raptors again. I have some models to build in preparation for the ETL and still need to finish my uncompleted vow of 2 Land Speeder Typhoons and the rest of the Members of squad Helios (neither are eligible as they are more than base coated).  I am hoping I can build the models to set vows and finish the 2 typhoons and the other 4 members of squad Helios. 

Hopefully after the ETL, I will get enough built by Sept 15th to have a decent sized playable army. I am tossing around some ideas of what to build and paint. I want to try to get 2 HQs, my 4 troops, a fast attack, a heavy, an elite choice and a flyer done for this. I am thinking about increasing 2 squads to 10 men (Squad Helios and Squad Archlift both armed with bolters and missile launchers). as running 5 5 man squads seems a little weak to me. 

so far the list is actually like I want to do is this

Captain Voss
Epistolary Borak (maybe)

Talon Strike team (sternguard)

my 4 scout squads (Felk, Tomez, Archlift and Venze)

1 land speeder storm

3 tempest



I would need to build the storm, stormhawk, sternguard, tempests, and the predator and get them undercoated to hacve them ready by June 15th. My worry is the predator "Vulture I".....it will be a huge challenge but not as bad as 'Vulture II" will be. 

Stay tuned 

There is only the Emperor

Thursday, March 16, 2017

WIP Vow #3 Kite I and Kite II update #1

Update time

So this has been sitting around for a few days and i finally got around to taking pics of what I got accomplished. The side step was an intentional break as it was not sitting flush. 

Crew In


Crew out


Pilots (bare head will be for Typhoon "Kite I")

so if you notice that the bare head pilot has a black strip running down his shoulder pad behind his unit designation marking. That is something I am planning to do for all my Veteran Sgts, while veterans will have just the yellow strip on their helmet


So the pilot of Kite I is the Veteran Sgt for the 8th company, 8th Assault company (all my typhoons and tempest will be crewed by the 8th assault squad members)


Dread with his Veteran stripe


Veteran Techmarine


Veteran sgt


I am still waiting on order I placed for tarantula Hyperios launchers, tempest and thunderfire cannons to arrive (3 of each) and at least my Telion and Damocles command rhino parts are in the states....just not my state. 

The more I work on this army the happier I am with it in modeling terms. Lots of future conversions planned for this army.....even with me getting a 3rd Brotherhood Master Voldus for my Grey Knights, still seemyself working on the Raptors above any other Chapter.....sorry Sisters of Battle and Crimson Fists.

Hopefully the new "40k munda" aka Shadow War: Armageddon wont suck as I have plans for my Raptors in that game too.....SCOUTS LEAD THE WAY

Until next time

There is only the Emperor!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

WIP VOW #3 Kite I and Kite II

Vow #3 has started as 2 Land Speeder Typhoon Squadron 'Kite"

Kite II and Kite I

This is the first time in a long time I have built a land speeder (Storms don't count). In fact last last ones I built were plastic/ pewter hybrids when they first came out. These were a lot less annoying to build then them but still had annoying factors. Overal happy with the build for them and a nice addition to the 10th Company of Raptors. Only grips so far is the decals or the lack of them....I need 4 assault marking per vehicle and only got 1....😠

After these are completed, I have 1 more vehicle to go.....Land Speeder Storm and the 1000 pts will be built and vehicles painted.

1000 Points Raptors List

Chapter Tactics - Raptors

Captain Voss- Warlord, Power Armor, Relic Blade, Ex Tenebris (Raven Guard Relic) melta bombs

Dreadnought Owl I- Rifleman load out

Scout Squad III Felk- Melee, vsgt power maul and melta bombs, Land Speeder storm Multi melta

Scout Squad IV Tomez- Shotguns, camo cloaks, vsgt melta bombs power maul & shotgun

Scout Squad V Helios- bolters/ missile launcher camo cloaks, vsgt melta bombs 

Scout Squad VI Archlift- bolters/ missile launcher camo cloaks, vsgt melta bombs 

Scout Squad VII Venze- Sniper Rifles/ heavy bolter, camo cloaks vsgt sniper rifle

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Typhoon Kite I- Typhoon missile launcher Heavy bolter

Land Speeder Typhoon Kite II- Typhoon missile launcher Heavy bolter

Heavy Support
Predator Destructor Vulture III- Dozer blade, heavy bolters sponsons, and storm bolter

thats the goal....get this all painted to play a game....but will it before 8th edition

Thursday, March 2, 2017

OWL I completed and Next vow (#3)

And my 2nd vow for the Talon's Reach Armory Build is complete!

I present Rifleman Dreadnought "Owl I"

Vow Taken: 02/25/2017 
Vow Completed: 03/02/2017

Elapsed time- 5 days (and that was with 2 days not working on it....)






On to Vow #3

2 Landspeeder Typhoons "Kite I & Kite II"

Vow Taken: 03/02/2017 
Vow Completed: 

Elapsed time-


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Vulture III Completed & OWL I WIP

Update time.....

Predator Destructor Vulture III- Completed for Talon's Reach Armory building Vow #1

Vow Taken: 02/10/2017 
Vow Completed: 02/25/2017 

Elapsed time- 15 days 





WIP Dreadnought OWL I - for Talon's Reach Armory building Vow #2

Vow Taken: 02/25/2017 
Vow Completed: 

Elapsed time-





I was going to call it a night for painting and well it was raining and I continued working on it






Needs decals, basing, weathering and clear coat

There is only the Emperor!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Predator Vulture 1 update and whats coming down the pipline

Predator Vulture update

Just about done with my Predator Destructor and 48 days to go. It just needs: clear coats, decals, camo netting, and the hedgerow cutter needs a mount built and to be painted. 

20170222_212851_zpsql4drasx.jpg 20170222_212747_zpsgfzecfay.jpg


 As you can see the tank is almost playable minus the clear coat .

 Thinking about the rest of the squadron I may go with a a sandbag tank as Tank I
and a Hessain as tank II
and this one will end up as tank III....still undecided.

I decided that once this one is completed my next Talon's Reach  vow will be my rifleman dreadnought. 


Sadly it not much conversion work on it, but that gives me 2 vehicles done of the many for this army. 

Still in debate on the Fire Raptor if it will stay in my Raptors or go to my 30k Emperors' Children. 

Whats Coming down the Pipeline

I am planning on adding 3 Landspeeder Tempests, 3 Thunderfire cannons, and 3 each of the Lascannon, Heavy bolter, and Missile defense system tarantulas. Also I am going to add a Damocles Command Rhino. The Command Rhino's radar dish will be interchangeable with the 3rd missile system.

 Also adding a "Telion" model to run one of the squads (for kill team/ 9 scout squad) I may build him as is minus the head so he can carry nihlius. Also I really want to work on my MKIV camo Sternguard Kill team using the Raptors, my objective counters, and my scout squad Kill team. I still need to paint the rest of my 10th Co models and build the landspeeder Typhoons and Storms.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Predator Vulture I

Over the last few days I was able to get more work done on my 10th Company Raptors Predator Destructor Designated "Vulture I"




Sandbags, tarps, bags, other stowage painted browns and given a wash to highlight. Black applied for black areas and metallic areas. 

Still a long ways from completion but its getting closer and I'm only 6 days in to my vow so far....Yeah Baby.....56 more days to go. I may be able to complete a second vow by then but not sure what armor vehicle I'd do. Dreadnought is primed so that is the most logical choice, but I have another predator, Land Speeder Storm, and Land Speeder Tornado I could do....but they are unbuilt.... Decisions Decisions 

hope you enjoy

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Massive update

First things first:

Since I have joined the Talon's Reach- An Armory Building Event expect to see updates on my Predator soon....

Second I am planning on building a 200 pt "Raptors" squad for Kill team....ok so I ordered all the parts already whistling.gif

The models will be built out of B@C Mk IVs

Parts I am Adding are:

Various sternguard and Deathwatch bits, Various bare heads, and sternguard heavy bolter.

What I am trying to decide on is taking them as on of these options:

-Sternguard (and getting to use the Raptors Chapter tactics)  with as 7 man team sgt with a power sword melta bomb, dude with combi melta, and dude with a heavy bolter

- Using the Deathwatch Kill team Rules (mission tactics....ermm.gif ) as a 7 man squad with the same gear but add a deathwatch shotgun, and Stalker bolter.

They will be painted similar to this scheme


and one marine will be kneeling (Stalker pattern bolter).

Predator Update








There is only the Emperor