Friday, October 21, 2016

Immolators- Project log pt1

So what is the upcoming project.

First with the grishnak models on their way to me, I want to set them up specifically for Kill team. The plan is to give them an Immolator as a transport for flamer goodness.

The parts I will be using are the side plates, exhaust stacks, and doors from the FW Deimos Rhino.

Forgeworld Immolator, with Front and Rear Adepta Sororitas parts

And the Plastic Adepta Sororitas vehicle sprues. 

I may magnatize the weapon mount to switch between the Heavy Flamer and Multi Meltas...
 I think I will refer to it as a MkIc or d.

The other Immolator that is being planned out is still in the gathering of parts stage but that will be Cannoness Commander Pallas Athena

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The Immolator is a variant of the Rhino chassis and used exclusively by the Adepta Sororitas as a transport.


The design specifications of the Immolator was first discovered within an ancient factory complex on Fornost, during the Icaria Crusade in M35. There a force of Frateris Templars captured an ancient factory complex intact, allowing an Adeptus Ministorum missionary team explored its contents. Missionary Morben the Devout discovered databanks from the Dark Age of Technology and reported his findings to his superiors. Knowing the value of this information to the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Ministorum used it as a bargaining chip for negotiations. Eventually the two organisations came to an agreement, the Fornosian Accords: the Mechanicus would have access to the databanks, and in exchange the Ministorum would have exclusive claim to any new technologies discovered.
After combing through the databanks, the only new design to be found was for a flame-thrower tank. Combining this knowledge with known STC designs for the Rhino, the Tech-priests of Mars came up with the Immolator and began exclusive production of it for the Ministorum.


Immolators are armed with twin-linked Heavy Flamers as their primary armament. 'Sanctis' pattern-variants replace these with twin-linked Heavy Bolters, while the 'Justice' pattern-variant replaces them with twin-linked Multi-meltas. Space taken up by ammunition allows the Immolator to only carry a squad of six Sisters of Battle, which it deploys close to their objectives and advances in support. However, the Immolater does carry slightly more armour than the Rhino.

There have been 3 different Designs of the Immolator over the years. my favorite being the MKII (made Forgeworld)


The MkI was a plastic/ Pewter hybrid released with the original Sisters of Battle. I had many of these kits in the early year but sadly I don't have them anymore. Kit was super easy to build and was great for its time. During 2nd edition Heavy Flamers were the only weapon option. 


The MkII was a resin conversion  using the new rhino kit. I have ahad a few....not as many as i would like. This version actually allowed us to take multi meltas too. Favorite part was the gunner looked the same as the MkI.


The MkIII all plastic, lots of accessories, and is a combined kit with rhino. I bought a few...did not build that many of them....was my least favorite of the 3. Things I did like: Unique, Heavy Bolter/ Multi Melta/ Heavy Flamer Options, all the accessories, it was all plastic and it had the cool glass dome. Things I hated: the bare head, trying to paint the glass dome (a plastic frame would have been so much nicer), and the accessories you wanted usually there was one a sprue. Cool Feature the top plate could take a Whirlwind turret for cheap exorcist conversions.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Adepta Sororitas

So long time no post......

Been busy with work and other projects. Recently I been working on my Adepta Sororitas/ Sisters of Battle army I have owned for almost 20 years. I started painting them in my favorite orders colors, Order of the Bloody Rose and I did not like it.

 Multiple different attempts later I gave up on that Order and Went the Order of the Martyred Lady.

(Pre Armageddon)

(Post Armageddon)

Spent about 4 days on and off working on my Canoness (Canoness Commander Athena). She is finally done minus her base (it has been ordered). Since I finished Canoness Athena I started working on my first battle sister squad.  Goal is to get a 1000 pts painted to get a game in. I also have 10 of the Grishnak's War Maidens coming in but those will be for my Celestian Kill Team

based on Sister Miriya and her Celestian Squad from the Black Library Novels from James Swallows.