Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Imperial Fist Inceptor Squad PIP 1

Small update today....was distracted a lot last night so I didn't get much done or so it felt like.
So after painting my LT I realized that with my paint scheme it would be much easier to touch up the bone color then it would be to do the complete yellow process (bone, Argrax earthshade/ lahmia medium, white, lamenters yellow) when I make mistakes with the red paints. I still need to do more bone touch ups and I will probably do the metallic and black colors next before moving on to the yellow. The banner is also slowly being worked as my paint is drying distraction.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Imperial Fist Primaris WIP Update


Was able to get priming done and ran out of spray right after I finished......lucky me. So I'll need to get another can of Army Painter bone today at FLGS. 

also I caved and bought another 2 primaris Intercessors to round out the 3 from First Strike.....still need another 2 reivers but I will probably buy the 3 pack saturday. 

So the army as stands right now: 

Gravis Captian- Primed
Captain- Waiting on Delivery (Damn you GW!)
Librarian- Waiting on Delivery (Stupid FedEx smartpost mailing)
LT- Auto Rifle- Almost done....Needs Company marking and clear coat
LT- Power Sword- Primed
Primaris Ancient- Primed
Rievers-  3 of 6 Picking up Saturday from local GW Store preorder maybe the other 3 too
Intercessor I- 1 of 5 primed other 4 unbuilt
Intercessor II- 0 of 5 built
Intercessor III- 0 of 5 built
Intercessor IV- 3 of 5 in First Strike (pick up saturday) other 2 bits order
Inceptor VII- 3 of 3 primed
Inceptor VIII- 0 of 3 built
Hellblaster IX- 0 of 5 built
Hellblaster X- 0 of 5 built

on to the pictures









Monday, July 10, 2017

Update time....

With the Summer Monsoon season upon us in the Hell that is called AZ.....I was not able to get anything primed do to the humidity and being 107-117 all weekend (Nothing like 102 * at midnight)

so with the lack of priming I built some stuff.  

First off What needs to be painted so far


My Imperial Fist Scout "Spy" Mission Marker






He is based off this image


and what good is a Mission Marker without a scenic base 





The Scout will be climbing the rocks facing the shoulder plate. 

Parts break down

Scout Body- Land Speeder Storm Rider  Boot replaced with one from a regular scout

Arms- Heavy bolter bare arms

bolter- scout

Knives- Cadian, anvil industries, scout

pouches- modified marine ones

purity seals- Grey Knights

Ork bits- sniper and boyz bits...

Cork and green stuff

Head mohawk from mad robot miniatures

Friday, July 7, 2017

Imperial Fist Spy and Objective Counters

Double Post Friday

So as a distraction from working on just my Imperial Fist Primaris Marines army, I am working on my Objective Counters and Spy for 8th edition.

I keep jumping between ideas for my objective counters for the 3rd Company but after looking at this image I decided on what I am doing:

Servo Skulls as my Objective Counters. Considering the fluff of the Imperial Fist scrimshawing bones of  their deceased brothers servos skulls makes sense. I have a four from my Grey Knights and one from my Deathwatch. I will be getting some from friends (about 3 or so servo skulls if not more) so I have a variety of them. At one point I thought lets add the number of servo skulls that each counter represents but I don't want to have buy another 13 as they are not cheap on ebay. I will be suspending the with brass to have them floating off the ground and paint the number they represent on the dirt in brown.

Imperial Fist Spy. I was originally thinking of having another skull but that may get confusing. So what is the best option, build an Imperial Fist Scout. My Spy will be based off this pose and details

I already started some of the work on him but need to do some green stuff work on him and get it to where he holds the bolter properly. it wont be 100% accurate to the image but close. The body I'm using is the Scout getting to repel off the Land Speeder Storm. I'll update this post eventually with pics and a parts break down.

Imperial Fist Primaris WIP (Update #3)

Update So the other day I was flipping through the Primaris minidex that came with the starter and realized I made a mistake. 


I reversed the LT's Helmet stripe colors. and I could have left it like this but it really started bugging me mentally. 


So I had to fix it last night. Then I realized the white stripe was too big so ill fix that tonight maybe......dry.png

then I started working on my next models, the Inceptors starting with the Veteran Sgts helmet and changing all the bare head models hair to white. 


Still need to do the metallic colors on it. 

So I am planning on  my specialty units (Inceptors, Hellblasters, Reivers, and Aggressors) to be Lead by Veteran Sgts along with Intercessor Squad I.  This may end up only being 1 squad from each of the options .

Currently in my Primaris Collection
- Gravis Captain
-Captain (Shipped from GW)
-Librarian (Shipped from GW)
-2 LTs 
-Primaris Ancient
-3 Intercessor Squads (I-III)
-2 Inceptors Squads (VII-VIII)
-2 Hellblaster Squads (IX-X)

I will be preordering First Strike this Weekend so I will have a partial Intercessor squad and a Reiver squad shortly.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Imperial Fist Primaris LT. Completed

Well the yet to be named LT with an Auto Bolt Rifle is done. I based him on a torn up corkboard i got at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, added and Ork Skull, painted bleached Bone, covered with Agrellan Badlands and Agrellan Earth texture paint, washed with Argrax earthshade dry brushed with ustabi bone and terminus stone. Then added Dry grass flock and painte dork skull with Serphim Sepia and a white dry brush. I will keep running  with ork bits and pieces through out the army as I have a bunch of them from my Crimson Fist builds. I also added the Campaign badge I will be using through out the army. A red and white shield with a black Rook on it. 






My next idea for the army is this. The bottom of the banner will have decal scroll print on the 2 outside parts and the center will have company logo (red stripe diagonal on yellow back ground), chapter logo (brass etch),  campaign badge (red and white shield with a black rook), and yellow with skull. For the rest of the banner, I have narrowed it down to one of two options:

Option 1- Fist black, Round part around fist painted as Terra, trim of the brass etch and halo painted in dark greys rest of the center black, laurel in green, scroll saying either Terra or Phallanx (leaning towards Terra). Ideally this would signify that they are the Sentinels of Terra and the Phallanx stands watch over Terra. 

Option 2- standard black and white fist logo, green laurel, grey halo, black blue center portion, scroll would probably say Phallanx or imperial fists. This would signify they are ready to be deployed when and where they are needed.

Option 1 is going to be harder to paint but I think would look amazing. Option 2 easier and kind of plain imho. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Imperial Fist Primaris WIP (update #2)


More work done on Primaris Lieutenant still need to do some touch ups and clean ups and paint some areas still 





Tonight I will try to finish him up and get started on his backpack and base

Monday, July 3, 2017

Imperial Fists Primaris WIP (update)


All my parts arrived Satuday so I started cranking stuff out. I spent a good amount of time this weekend working and painting models ok more working on models then painting. 


Banner Friday 


Banner after talking to some guys in an IF Fb group


added round logo and crux terminatus to banner topper




Left to right: LT (autobolter head), Intercessor squad 2 Sgt head, Intercessor Squad 3 Sgt Head, and Primaris Ancient Hekmet for his belt


Clockwise from top:
LT (power sword), Hellblaster Sgt 1 head, Hellblaster Sgt 2 Head, and Intercessor Sgt 1 head

LT Auto Rifle WIP





-Still to do on him: one more edge highlight of white, then all the other colors........