Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Striking from Shadows

 Talking to the guys on Bolter and Chainsword and they made me realize something......why go to a sub par rule set and lose my Raptors, when I can take from my Crimson Fists and add to my Raptors.

At the end of the day I like the modeling aspect of 40k. The conversions the tricks and trades of modeling I have learned through out the years. The Raptors are not your standard wear bright colors marines. They believe in camo which allows me to paint the units differently to fit the War zone which in my case is Khymara. So some units will be standard green other responding units will be desert camo to signify their later arrival to the planet. I'm looking forward to restarting this project as I do love the Raptors. I have so many planned projects involved with them from more predator ideas, the horde of Land Speeders, tons of Scouts, some stunty marines in various flavors, and It is still a toss up for my Primaris.

I spent last night looking at my collection of what I would steal from my Crimson Fists. and I realized they are too blingy for Raptors. So time to build new models. I am looking for some cheap Tau parts and bits to add to my bases for them.

I think Lias MKII standing on parts of a dead crisis Suit would look cool. His Sternguard body guard would have other parts on it too, when I get around to build them too. I have plans for them too but I need lots of bits I currently don't have or have a desire to buy for them.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

What to do.......what to do

Kantor is the Man!
Lately I keep looking at my huge unfinished pile of models. I purchased Imperial Fist Repulsor doors which no has forced the Primaris section into my Crimson Fists. But I keep looking at my Raptors and thinking "well I am going to strip them to repaint them, why not go full Crimson Fists, instead of Raptors."

This indecisiveness drives me nuts. The Ravenguard group on Bolter and Chainsword is awesome. And this is the 2nd incarnation of my Raptors Scout army. 

The Imperial Fist group on B&C is quite, and well I've been playing Crimson Fist since 3rd edition so I am a Son of Dorn at heart, (Second favorite Primarch after the Great Wolf, Russ).

If I go full Crimson Fists it wont be that bad. I already have almost a Fully built Company (Formerly 5th Company) of Marines (Previous editions some things will need to be updated) with Rhino, Razorbacks, elements of the 2nd Company (in various stages of building) led by Veteran Sgt Huron Grimm (now a Lieutenant) in Drop pods, my Primaris Section, Tons of different HQs, Including the Man himself, Plus possibly the Raptors scout section being transferred over. The army would be massive.

When I compare the 2 Armies Raptors vs Crimson Fists here are the pros and cons;


  • Strike From Shadows- Stratagem is just awesome and forces me to use command points.
  • Shadow Masters- Chapter Tactic is annoying at over 12" with that minus one on my infantry and Dreadnought.
  • Lias Issoden- scary gun (Malice 30" Assault 3 Str 5 AP -4 D3 Damage) and cool rules.
  • Can paint them Camo
  • Strike from Shadows- Only works on my HQs in my list
  • Shadow Masters- under 12" or ability to negative shooting modifiers sucks
  • Lias Issoden: Lack of Invulnerable save
  • No Relic, No Warlord Trait, No Chapter Specific rules and some people wont let you use Ravenguard tactics.
  • Little to no new fluff
Crimson Fists

  • Pedro Kantor: Chapter Master, Relic bolter (Dorn's Arrow 24" Assault 4 -1 AP),  power fist, invulnerable save. 
  • Fist Of Vengeance: Damage 3 no hit modifier vs Damage D3 -1 to hit Powerfist
  • Lots of fluff


  • Chapter Tactic is ok- Ignore cover modifiers is good, siege masters not really Crimson Fists thing
  • Bolter Drill is ok- 6+ to hit and you get another shot from bolter class weapons.
  • Tenacious Survivor- Warlord trait is ok, it will be beneficial against non MSU armies. 
  • One paint scheme
One thing I have been looking at is using the Sweet GW  Primaris Birthday Captain with Plasma Pistol Power Fist as my go to Warlord Captain.

So lets look at his stats

So if I upgrade his Power Fist to the Fist of Vengeance Relic, he will hit on a 2+ (re rolling 1s for being a captain) at STR 8 but now cause a flat 3 Damage per hit. which could be 15 damage in against one target if I am lucky.

But that is before his warlord trait. It is a toss up between the following (no particular order):

Iron Resolve: +1 W on  a roll of 6 ignore a wound. That means 7 wounds and ignore wounds on a 6

Champion of Humanity: +1 to hit characters. 1+ to hit characters but a 1 always fails. Weakest of the 4 IMHO.

Imperium's Sword: Reroll failed Charge distance and +1 attack.  6 attacks for a possible damage of 18. 

Tenacious Opponent: (Crimson Fist Warlord Trait) 10 enemy Models within 6" of him he gets an additional D3 attacks. So now it 6 to 8 attacks for 18 to 24 damage, but I need 10 enemy models within 6" of him. 

And he would not be standing alone.....Enter the Librarian casting (hopefully):

Veil of Time: allowing to strike first even if I did not charge and getting to reroll failed charge or advance distances. I need to see if i can cast multiple powers on 1 model....

Might  of Heroes: +1 bonus to S, T, & A.  So now He is Str 9 with the Fist of Vengeance, hitting on 2s, with 7 Attacks (Imperium's sword) or 7 to 9 Attacks (Tenacious Opponent)  for 21 to 27 damage.

What if I added Chapter Master Pedro Kantor into his 6" bubble. Now he's hitting on 2+, re rolling failed to hits (which is still 1s), with 8 to 10 attacks at Strength 9 resulting in 24 to 30 damage from that one dude.

Pretty sure a one trick pony...or my friends will be like nope avoid that dude/ mob

Monday, July 9, 2018

I've been crazy busy with life.....

Yeah I have little to no modeling time lately and the next 3 weeks will be far worse. Lots of time spent at work until August.  My upcoming work schedule.

07/06- 07/12- 48 hour work week. 
07/13- 07/19- 68 hour work week
07/20- 07/26- 84 hour work week
07/27- 08/02- 80 hour work week

I see a FW order in my future......maybe.

Updates B&C DW Vow not gonna finish. no updates just moved them out of my way. 

Raptors lots of updates:

Imperial Space Marine WIP

10th Company Standard Bearer. ISM, 2 Apothecaries

for upcoming Kill Team Game. Raptors "Team 7"

Lias Issodon MKII

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

sneaky sneaky

Long time no post been super busy with real life.......

No time to work on a DW in the past few weeks and I have the itch to work on my Raptors again for my local groups Escalation campaign.

We began discussing a King of the Hill game also. 4 players 1000 pts or less, 5 turns center object (Rescue craft) that will evacuate who ever holds the center at the end of turn 5. To keep the Rescue Craft neutral we may be going into my collection of unbuilt models for this thing...

Antenocities Worskhop Azure Dragon

Also Anvil Industries received some restock I have been waiting for.....

So I have 40 box mags, 20 sniper scopes, 40 peq/ laser range finders, 40 tactical scopes, 10 night vision optics, 40 suppressors and 10 reflex sights on order. time to have some fun....once they arrive.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Update time

Death watch ETL is still trucking along......not as fast as I would have hoped but any progress is good progress. Last Thursday I spent my after noon priming the models I vowed.....1 1/4 cans of  GW Chaos black and the new can shoot les models then the used can....stupid heat. My fault for trying to rush and not letting it cool off before priming resulting in 2 pieces not getting primed....Murphy's law strikes again.

So the primed pile of stuff

Back in Black

I will try to get the Watch Captain's back/ Cloak and Xenophase sword arm primed today......maybe. Work schedule and other hobbies are making it doubtful they will be primed this week....

So the painted stuff....

This is the WIP of the yet to be named Flesh Tearer Veteran armed with a Chain axe from a Cataphractii Terminator.....GO BIG or go Home.

So far he has received his first base coat, wash, and first layer paint (see below for paints used). Still a Long ways to go on him.

Next up we have Watch Captain Holoverus Pollis of the Crimson Fists. His head is about 90% done, some minor clean up and fixing his eyes and scars and I will probably call it good.

So I paint a lot of flesh mainly cause of my Sisters of Battle/ Adepta Sororitas then 10th Company Space Marine Scout armies I have had over the years.

For Marines I am doing the following method:

-Undercoat black (or grey or white)
-Bugman's glow base
-Reikland Fleshshade (recesses)
-Cadian Flesh
-Teeth, eyes, service studs ie details that are not flesh
-Kislev Flesh

For the Ravenguard (& Successors) I will dry brush Praxeti White to give them paler skin tone.

The reason I stop painting flesh and go into details is then I can fix the mistakes with less steps i have to redo.

Crimson Fist Update:

I'm sitting on right around 4,000 pts of Primaris Marines for my Crimson Fists plus the other Companies I already have for them.

There is 1 more toy I am eyeballing for my primaris but that will have to wait...

Still waiting to hear back from a shapeways designer about my tactical markings. But ordered my paint Vallejo game air Imperial blue to airbrush them all. Along with my 2 separate FW orders, Twin Assault cannon turrets x 3 for my Deathwatch and Imperial Fist Repulsor Doors x 3 and Crimson Fists Icons x2 or 3 for the Crimson Fist project. Plenty of stuff to work on. Hopefully during my staycation in mid June.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Primaris Army and Deathwatch Update

Deathwatch update......not much to report. Hopefully laying down some primer on some models today after work.

Current status:

Watch Captain- sub assemble waiting to be primed
Kill Team 1- sub assemble waiting to be primed
Kill Team 2- Unbuilt
Tarantula- built waiting to be primed
Razorback - built waiting to be primed

I did order more stuff for the DW recently. Another DW Land raider to bring my total 2 for them, 3 Assault cannon Tarantulas so I'll have 3 Heavy Bolters and 3 Assault Cannons, plus the 3 Razorbacks with twin las cannons. And finally some genestealer bits (toxin sacks and extended carapace) to spread around on the bases more DW pouches for figures down the line.

So I made a decision for my Primaris Marines and trying to find a shapeways designer to help me with the last bit.

My Favorite Primarchs are Leman Russ and Rogal Dorn. I've been playing Crimson Fists for year and an as much as I hated the thought of Primaris Crimson Fists it makes sense compared to my other armies.

My Primaris Crimson Fists will Consist of:

Primaris Captain- Plasma pistol Power Fist (relic)
Primaris Librarian
Primaris Chaplain
Primaris LTs

Primaris Ancient
Primaris Apothecary
5 man Reivers x2
3 man Aggressors x2
Redemptor Dread x2

5 man Intercessor Squad x7

3 man Interceptor Squad x3

5 man Hellblaster Squad x3

3 Repulsors

@ 4000 pts

still to purchase FW repulsor doors and CF Icons.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Primaris Marines

Lately I have been listening to the Dark Imperium Audio book thanks to Amazon audible. It is Very pro Ultramarine but whatever.... it does having me thinking about my Primaris marine tho.

Originally they were going to be Imperial Fists painting yellow SUCKS! Then Raptors but it really takes away from the all scout army aspect......

What other chapters do I like?

Space Wolves- They are far to along to be converted into the Sons of Russ....Plus if I every go back to Wolves I'm building Erik Morkai's Great Company...Pass

Black Dragons- Ummm Order of the Martyred Lady Adepta Sororitas Black Armor Red Robes, Deathwatch Adeptus Astartes Black Armor red and silver accents. Black Dragons- Black Armor....pass

Exorcists- Yeah I rather build them using Grey Knight rules...Maybe

Dark Angels- Already 2 Dark Angel players in my group......Pass

Crimson Fists- Sucktasic rules.....and no real flair for the army.....I have almost 2 companies of Regular marines.  I do love the scheme and fluff..Maybe

Raptors- Better rules and hard hitting......plus camo...maybe