Friday, September 29, 2017


Need to add brass etch to Storm Eagle, Prime Arms, Shoulder pads, back packs for Kakophani, and get apothecary from a friend. 

Still waiting on confirmation from the Dreadtober blog, but will start working on them this sunday

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Another project just got bumped forward

So will checking out Hersey 30k Forum, Mordian 7th post up about a another Group Build/ Paint log going on for the month of October. After checking it out I decided to join in the fun.


Goal is to build and paint a Deadnought class vehicle in October.

I decided to build my Emperor's Children Contemptor Dreadnought with Volkite and Powerfist. Eventually I will get him plasma cannon.

This along with my 1000 pt build for Tale of X Warlords will give me a smallish 30k army.

Dreadtober link

and if you want to see some very Pretty Sons of Horus check out Mordian 7th's blog

Ill try to get pictures up soon....Saturday is a full day already but I will try to get some over the next few days.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Post update

Been super busy at work and have not been able to update blog in a while.

1- Started building a Soviet Army for Team Yankee....Expensive game but fun

2- Campaign fizzled out mainly cause everyone could not get together enough...

3- Pulled the 30k Emperor's Children army out......DAMN I have a alot of stuff for them.

4- Did not finish my Raven guard vows....

5-Planning on working on my 30k/ 40k Emperor's children for a Tale of Painters starting in October.

Once the tale of painters campaign starts. I'll link it here.

and Now a name Change!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

First game of 8th edition in the books

So I am running an Escalation Campaign in my gaming group. The Planet was decided pre 8th ed to be named Khymara near the Maelstrom. Now with the Warp Rift reach across the Galaxy, I decided to leave the name and continue on with the campaign with the missions being selected through the Open War deck for deployment and objective. Twist and Ruse are pulled before each game to add unique flair to each game. The card we currently are not using is the Sudden Death cards.  Each of the 12 players in the group is building an army of their choice starting at 500 pts for the first few missions then will bump up to the next increase. The players each were allowed to choose a faction (Imperium, Xenos or Chaos) and can jump between the different armies in their Faction. Here are a list of the armies the Players are fielding so far


Iron Hands/ Astra Militarum
Dark Angels/ Astra Militarium
Dark Angels/ Raven Wing
Crimson Fists/ Imperial Fists
Raven Wing


Traitor Dark Angels (using Dark Angel list but against the Imperium)
Khorne Daemons


Eldar (All types)

I finally was able to play the first mission and played against the Traitor Dark Angel player.

Lt. Huron Grimm of the Crimson Fists 2nd Company looked at his small task force assembled before him. Each squad was picked by him to perform a routine patrol of the area while the rest of the Imperium Forces set up a base of operations. 

Lt. Grimm served with each of these squad leaders when he was a Veteran Sgt of  the 2nd Company defending New Rynn City during the Ork invasion of Rynn's World. Shortly after the cleansing of the Orks was done, Chapter Master Pedro Kantor would promote Veteran Sgt Grimm to Lt of the 2nd Company to lead the remaining members of the company while the Chapter was being was rebuilt. The 2nd Company would be replenished eventually but then the Tear of the Warp occurred and  The Crimson Fists would be once again decimated. The arrival of the Indomintus Crusade replenished the Chapter with the new Primaris Class of Adeptus Astartes. Former 5th Company Captain Rork was the most Senior Captain at the time was moved to take charge of the 2nd. Lt Grimm was glad to have another Captain that reminded him of Captain Drigo Alvez. 

Lt. Grimm walked over Sgt Mendes' Tactical squad and asked 'Dez, referring to the Sgt by his nickname, Your squad ready?"

"Yes Lt." Responded Dez. Dez had taken over as squad leader during the battle of New Rynn City when the previous squad leader was killed and was the most obvious pick as Grimm's replacement of 1st Squad.

"Good," Replied Grimm as he walked toward Veteran Sgt Torga and his Assault squad. "Tor, you and your men ready to be our eyes in the sky?"

"Yes Sir" responded Tor. Veteran Sgt Torga, was not a member of the 2nd Company during the Ork invasion of Rynn's World, but instead was a Vanguard Veteran Sgt serving at the Silver Citadel before the attack came. Tor and Grim created a bond in the battle s they fought during the siege. When asked if he wanted to join the 2nd Company he agreed. 

"Good" replied Grimm once again, and continued walk towards Veteran Sgt Macnamra and his devastator squad. "and your men, Mac?"

"I wouldn't be here if they weren't ready, Huron" Mac said with a crooked smile. Mac was one of the few that would and could break formalities with Lt. Grimm. They have served together since they were recruits, have saved each others lives more then they could count or felt they need the other to rescue them. Grimm requested Mac to be promoted to Lt. and Mac declined the promotion stating 'my job is to make sure my men are ready, I would not be here if they weren't ready. Plus I like shooting big guns and yelling at the new squad members'. Grimm knew it was because during the Battle of New Rynn's City Grimm saved Mac from dying after an Ork Warboss had burned some of his face and removed his left arm at the bicep and was beating him with his own arm. Grimm went to see his friend in the apothecarion while he recovered and Mac told told him, "that was the first time I felt helpless and thought I was dead. I owe you and will not left you forget it." the Promotion would not allow him to fulfill his promise. 

"Excellent, Men, We will be cond....." Grimm was saying when he was interrupted.

"Lt. Huron Grimm, we have a change of orders from Chapter Master Kantor and the Imperial High Command in charge of this operation," said Sternguard Veteran Sgt Leotim. Sternguard Veteran Sgt Leotim was considered the right hand of Kantor. Leotim's Squad often accompanied Kantor in the field and formed his bodyguard.

"Your mission is to recon the area, established contact with Astra Militarium unit in Zone 6.32.9 and give them this," continued Leotim.

"Dez, have one of your men carry this. Anything else, Veteran Sgt Leotime?" responded Grimm.

"Yes one more thing Lt., Kantor want us to assist you on this mission," replied Leotim

"We leave in 5 minutes, join me in Storm Raven 6" 

His List 

Librarian with a Force Axe
Company Champion
5 man Tactical Squad with Plasma gun
5 man Tactical Squad with Heavy bolter
3 Raven Wing Knights
* I can't remember what other wargear he took

My Crimson Fist List

Lt Master Crafted bolter, bolt pistol and Fist of Vengeance
5 Man Sternguard Sgt had Power Axe
10 man tactical squad Meltagun, Heavy bolter, Sgt had a power sword
5 man Assault Squad Sgt had a power sword
5 man Devastator squad with 2 heavy bolters



Both armies choose Tactical marines with bolters.


I pulled the Twist card as he had less Power Points than me and was getting a Ruse Card. 

Twist was Everyone gained +1 attack. 


Originally he pulled Dug in where he could benefit from cover in the open if he did not move. I suggested he re pull as I would negate it with My Chapter Tactics and he even stated he would be moving so he re drew. 

Warlord traits 

I took the +1 attack on my Lt. and he took the +1 Leadership on his Librarian

Storm Ravens 6 and 7 descended, quickly touched down, dropped their passengers off and took off all in a matter seconds.

"Mac your squad cover our right flank, Dez, your team rear, Squad leader Mora Your team on the the left flank. Leotim's squad and me are taking point. Tor keep an eye on us from Raven 9." Grimm issued to his teams. and they began moving to meet the Astra Militarium team. 

Grimm and the squads approached a rocky out crop and some ruins. Mac and his squad  climbed into a rocky hill to scan the area. Grimm and Leotim's squad approached the base of a large hill. Squad leader Mora took cover in ruins to the left of the large hill. Dez and his demi squad took cover in the ruins covering the rear. Brother Sandigo checked to make sure the package for the Astra Militarium was still on his belt and gave a quick thumbs up to Dez. 

"Movement north of your position, Lt.," announced Tor over the comms from Storm Raven 9. 
"Astates pattern armored Infantry and bikes, no heavy armor, IFF is not picking them up as friendlies of foes. Imperial Command is reporting no other troops in the vicinity, Storm Raven 6 has visual confirmation on Astra Militarum troops 2 klicks west of your current position," continued Tor.

"Prepare for combat, Crimson Fists'" replied Grimm.


He won the dice roll and decide to deploy first. He deployed his courier and his unit to to my right near the table age in a rocky out crop. I countered by deploying Sgt Dez and his demi squad in the rear in ruins. he then deployed his next troop squad on his side of the large hill in the center of the table. This was countered by deploying Veteran Sgt Leotim and his squad in a position to wrap around to gun them down. He then deployed his Company Champion with the same squad. I deployed Sgt Mac and the devastators in a small rocky hill to engage both of his tactical squads. He deployed his librarian near the courier squad. I deployed Sqaud leader Mora with his demi squad on the left to cover the Leotim's advance. He then deployed his Ravenwing knights as his last option in a position to engage me in a fire fight turn 1. I them deployed Grimm near Leotim's squad and placed tor's squad in reserve. 


Turn 1
I failed stealing the initiative and the game was on. He moved his troops 6 inches forward and moved his bikes 12 inches curving around the center hill. He opened fire on Leotim's squad killing 2 guys. Rest of his fire was ineffective and the Sternguard held strong. 

My turn saw some effective and ineffective fire. I was able to remove 3 wounds off the bikes killing only 1 and killing some marines in the squad with the champion. Tor and his assault squad landed 9 inches away from the tactical squad containing the Librarian. After a failed charge from Tor's assault marines and losing one to overwatch, Leotim's squad followed suite and failed their charge against the knights and suffered no overwatch wounds. Grimm attempted to charge took 2 wounds and and made it into contact with the knights. The knights died from Grimm's Fist of Vengeance before they got to swing. 

As the Crimson Fists moved into postions bolter rounds bounced off their armor or flew wide of the mark. the Leotims squad turned the corner to only to have two of their number taken out of the fight. "Well this is great...."stated Grimm. Leotim looked over at Grimm. "Tor drop on the right flank and engage that unit over there, Mac cover them. Dez protect Sandigo, Mora cover us we are going in."

Turn 2
His squad with the courier fell back to increase the distance between them and Tor's assault squad. His other squad advanced closer to the large hill in the center of the table. He then played his ruse card for tactical  reserves and the knights returned. His shooting was had a little effect and his Librarian successfully cast Aversion on Mac and his squad. 

My turn saw Grimm run around the rocks to engage the squad with the champion while Leotim and his squad cut through the center hill to assist him. Tor and his assault squad moved forward to engage the librarian and his tactical squad. Squad Leader Mora and Sgt Dez's squad both moved forward. I inflicted wounds on the knights, and killing models from the both tactical squads. Most damage inflicted by the heavy bolters fom Mac's team. During the assault phase, Grimm took his 3rd wound from overwatch, but make contact with tactical squad to be counter charged by the Champion. Tor and his squad took no casualties from overwatch and made their charge to only be counter charged by the librarian. Grimm inflicted 1 wound on the champion before being taken out of the fight. Tor and his squad fell to damage the tactical squad and lost 2 more marines. 

The fighting was thick and intense as bolter rounds flew through the air. Tor and his squad chased down and engaged the squad on the right flank. Leotim and his squad were fighting in the center of the table.  "Grimm's down," yelled Leotim as the Champion bested him in combat. 

Turn 3
His knights decided to go around the mountain like the previous ones did in turn one. His Tactical squad with the Champion advanced towards the Leotim's squad. The knights open fired killing 3 members of Mora's demi squad and his librarian failed to cast his psychic power. The Leotim were charged by the Champion as the overwatch killed the tactical squad. The champion killed 2 of 3 members of the squad. In the other melee the librarian killed the last marine only leaving Tor alive. 

My turn saw forces depleting quickly. Sgt Tor jumped away from melee and Dez and his squad moved up to brace for storm coming. Mora's demi squad heavy bolter wounded Raven Wing  knight. Mac's squad opened up on the 2 remaining tactical marines near the librarian, inflicting 2 wounds, dice roll for saves, 1 & 3. both marines dead. Victory Crimson Fists. 

The forces of the Crimson Fist were being taken out of combat faster then they were taking out the enemy. Mora and Tino were the only members left of Mora's demi squad, Stern guard Jonez was fighting a losing battle against the Champion, Tor was the last man in his squad. 

"Tor clear melee, everyone else engage, Ravens request pick up on my frequency," called out Mac. 

Mac's squad heavy bolter engaged the tactical squad Tor had just left dropping the 2 marines. The enemy Librarian sensing all was lost issued a retreat. 

Storm Ravens 6, 7, and 9 touched down and the wounded were loaded up first. No serious casualties inflected thought Mac. 

"Mac, the mission'' asked Dez pointing at the package Sandigo was holding. 

"Tor, Mora, Tino, finish up here and get them back to base. Raven 7 make contact with Astra Militarium forces and plot a course. Squad Dez and Mac, once Raven 9 and 6 depart we complete the mission."

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Imperial Fist Inceptor Squad PIP 1

Small update today....was distracted a lot last night so I didn't get much done or so it felt like.
So after painting my LT I realized that with my paint scheme it would be much easier to touch up the bone color then it would be to do the complete yellow process (bone, Argrax earthshade/ lahmia medium, white, lamenters yellow) when I make mistakes with the red paints. I still need to do more bone touch ups and I will probably do the metallic and black colors next before moving on to the yellow. The banner is also slowly being worked as my paint is drying distraction.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Imperial Fist Primaris WIP Update


Was able to get priming done and ran out of spray right after I finished......lucky me. So I'll need to get another can of Army Painter bone today at FLGS. 

also I caved and bought another 2 primaris Intercessors to round out the 3 from First Strike.....still need another 2 reivers but I will probably buy the 3 pack saturday. 

So the army as stands right now: 

Gravis Captian- Primed
Captain- Waiting on Delivery (Damn you GW!)
Librarian- Waiting on Delivery (Stupid FedEx smartpost mailing)
LT- Auto Rifle- Almost done....Needs Company marking and clear coat
LT- Power Sword- Primed
Primaris Ancient- Primed
Rievers-  3 of 6 Picking up Saturday from local GW Store preorder maybe the other 3 too
Intercessor I- 1 of 5 primed other 4 unbuilt
Intercessor II- 0 of 5 built
Intercessor III- 0 of 5 built
Intercessor IV- 3 of 5 in First Strike (pick up saturday) other 2 bits order
Inceptor VII- 3 of 3 primed
Inceptor VIII- 0 of 3 built
Hellblaster IX- 0 of 5 built
Hellblaster X- 0 of 5 built

on to the pictures









Monday, July 10, 2017

Update time....

With the Summer Monsoon season upon us in the Hell that is called AZ.....I was not able to get anything primed do to the humidity and being 107-117 all weekend (Nothing like 102 * at midnight)

so with the lack of priming I built some stuff.  

First off What needs to be painted so far


My Imperial Fist Scout "Spy" Mission Marker






He is based off this image


and what good is a Mission Marker without a scenic base 





The Scout will be climbing the rocks facing the shoulder plate. 

Parts break down

Scout Body- Land Speeder Storm Rider  Boot replaced with one from a regular scout

Arms- Heavy bolter bare arms

bolter- scout

Knives- Cadian, anvil industries, scout

pouches- modified marine ones

purity seals- Grey Knights

Ork bits- sniper and boyz bits...

Cork and green stuff

Head mohawk from mad robot miniatures