Friday, May 19, 2017

New Painting challenge coming soon

   So the Hidden Hands of the Emperor ETL is coming up just under 4 weeks. After participating in the Talon's Reach Armory building event (which I had a lot of fun in), I have decided it is almost time to bust out the brush in get cracking on the my 10th company Raptors again. I have some models to build in preparation for the ETL and still need to finish my uncompleted vow of 2 Land Speeder Typhoons and the rest of the Members of squad Helios (neither are eligible as they are more than base coated).  I am hoping I can build the models to set vows and finish the 2 typhoons and the other 4 members of squad Helios. 

Hopefully after the ETL, I will get enough built by Sept 15th to have a decent sized playable army. I am tossing around some ideas of what to build and paint. I want to try to get 2 HQs, my 4 troops, a fast attack, a heavy, an elite choice and a flyer done for this. I am thinking about increasing 2 squads to 10 men (Squad Helios and Squad Archlift both armed with bolters and missile launchers). as running 5 5 man squads seems a little weak to me. 

so far the list is actually like I want to do is this

Captain Voss
Epistolary Borak (maybe)

Talon Strike team (sternguard)

my 4 scout squads (Felk, Tomez, Archlift and Venze)

1 land speeder storm

3 tempest



I would need to build the storm, stormhawk, sternguard, tempests, and the predator and get them undercoated to hacve them ready by June 15th. My worry is the predator "Vulture I" will be a huge challenge but not as bad as 'Vulture II" will be. 

Stay tuned 

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