Thursday, September 8, 2016

Deathwatch update #1

So my first official update for my deathwatch army.....

Since I set my Vow to build and paint a Command, Auxillary, and Core for the on Bolter and Chainsword 2016 Deathwatch Painting Challenge at the Watchmaster Level. I will list my plans here for the challenge show some of the building and the painting.

For the Command I choose to build a Watch Captain- I am not a fan of the multiple part captain so I went with the Watch Captain Artemis model.

But the sword and head bugged me more than it should have. The Power Sword was kinda not what I envision my Commander that  had to go too.

That and He needed to be a Crimson Fist

So just a head swap from the sternguard box, Sword from the Deathwatch Veteran Box and Watch Captain Gar Guerrera is built.

Up next will be the Venerable Dreadnought. 

And Remember-

There Only the Emperor!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Raptors 10th company Chapter 4 and the next army

So I have been away for a little bit......Infinity peaked my interest again but need to get primer to paint those models....that's a different topic tho.

So on to the 10th Co. Raptors:

10th Co. Captain

10th Co, Chaplain


Lias Issoden Raptors Chapter Master




Still need to add Landspeeders (Storm and Tornado) and a second Predator for my 1000 pt list (just the Captain as the Lone HQ)

On the other news front...I purchased my next 40k army.....Deathwatch. Mainly I purchased it as I have the Fighting Arms of the Inquisition, So expect to see them soon since I joined the Bolter and Chainsword 2016 Deathwatch Painting Challenge .

My Death Watch Force consists of:
-Watch Captain Artemis
-Kill Team Cassius (the Operation: Overkill models)
-15 Deathwatch veterans (gives me a total of 20 veterans with the Overkill/ Cassius box)
-5 Deathwatch Vanguard (for a total of 7 with the Overkill/ Cassius box)
-5 Deathwatch Terminators (for a Total of 6 with the Overkill/ Cassius box)
-2 Deathwatch Razorbacks
-1 Deathwatch Land Raider
-1 Deathwatch Venerable Dreadnought
-Corvus Blackstar

Models in italic are the ones I need to complete for my oath. 

I also picked up extra Frag Cannons and Deathwatch Vehicle Icons from Shapeways, Deathwatch Dice, Data Cards and a Deathwatch Terminator Captain. Hopefully we see what FW has in store for the army, I am hoping dreadnought power fist with the gilding, Rhino/ Land Raider Doors, Deathwatch vehicle upgrades, Terminator melta/ powerfist, and a MK IV Dreadnought.

Until Next time....

There is only the Emperor