Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Vulture III Completed & OWL I WIP

Update time.....

Predator Destructor Vulture III- Completed for Talon's Reach Armory building Vow #1

Vow Taken: 02/10/2017 
Vow Completed: 02/25/2017 

Elapsed time- 15 days 





WIP Dreadnought OWL I - for Talon's Reach Armory building Vow #2

Vow Taken: 02/25/2017 
Vow Completed: 

Elapsed time-





I was going to call it a night for painting and well it was raining and I continued working on it






Needs decals, basing, weathering and clear coat

There is only the Emperor!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Predator Vulture 1 update and whats coming down the pipline

Predator Vulture update

Just about done with my Predator Destructor and 48 days to go. It just needs: clear coats, decals, camo netting, and the hedgerow cutter needs a mount built and to be painted. 

20170222_212851_zpsql4drasx.jpg 20170222_212747_zpsgfzecfay.jpg


 As you can see the tank is almost playable minus the clear coat .

 Thinking about the rest of the squadron I may go with a a sandbag tank as Tank I
and a Hessain as tank II
and this one will end up as tank III....still undecided.

I decided that once this one is completed my next Talon's Reach  vow will be my rifleman dreadnought. 


Sadly it not much conversion work on it, but that gives me 2 vehicles done of the many for this army. 

Still in debate on the Fire Raptor if it will stay in my Raptors or go to my 30k Emperors' Children. 

Whats Coming down the Pipeline

I am planning on adding 3 Landspeeder Tempests, 3 Thunderfire cannons, and 3 each of the Lascannon, Heavy bolter, and Missile defense system tarantulas. Also I am going to add a Damocles Command Rhino. The Command Rhino's radar dish will be interchangeable with the 3rd missile system.

 Also adding a "Telion" model to run one of the squads (for kill team/ 9 scout squad) I may build him as is minus the head so he can carry nihlius. Also I really want to work on my MKIV camo Sternguard Kill team using the Raptors, my objective counters, and my scout squad Kill team. I still need to paint the rest of my 10th Co models and build the landspeeder Typhoons and Storms.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Predator Vulture I

Over the last few days I was able to get more work done on my 10th Company Raptors Predator Destructor Designated "Vulture I"




Sandbags, tarps, bags, other stowage painted browns and given a wash to highlight. Black applied for black areas and metallic areas. 

Still a long ways from completion but its getting closer and I'm only 6 days in to my vow so far....Yeah Baby.....56 more days to go. I may be able to complete a second vow by then but not sure what armor vehicle I'd do. Dreadnought is primed so that is the most logical choice, but I have another predator, Land Speeder Storm, and Land Speeder Tornado I could do....but they are unbuilt.... Decisions Decisions 

hope you enjoy

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Massive update

First things first:

Since I have joined the Talon's Reach- An Armory Building Event expect to see updates on my Predator soon....

Second I am planning on building a 200 pt "Raptors" squad for Kill team....ok so I ordered all the parts already whistling.gif

The models will be built out of B@C Mk IVs

Parts I am Adding are:

Various sternguard and Deathwatch bits, Various bare heads, and sternguard heavy bolter.

What I am trying to decide on is taking them as on of these options:

-Sternguard (and getting to use the Raptors Chapter tactics)  with as 7 man team sgt with a power sword melta bomb, dude with combi melta, and dude with a heavy bolter

- Using the Deathwatch Kill team Rules (mission tactics....ermm.gif ) as a 7 man squad with the same gear but add a deathwatch shotgun, and Stalker bolter.

They will be painted similar to this scheme


and one marine will be kneeling (Stalker pattern bolter).

Predator Update








There is only the Emperor

Friday, February 10, 2017

Long time no post....again

So been away for awhile but still around the 40k universe.

A lot of projects have stalled do to time issues and well lack of motivation. then Imperial Agents comes out and to much of my disappoint just a rehash of stuff I already had. Then Gathering Storm I hits like a ton of bricks....that was a nice book and plastic Sisters and an Inquistor......Joygasim.  Book II no interest for me, damn dirty xeno armies. Book III could be good with the GK character....from the 3rd Brotherhood, the Brotherhood I am planning on building before it was announced. Then I want to finish my 10th co Raptors too....

Decision time

I think I will start working on my raptors as they are al east base coated OD green.

Goal is to build and paint up a 200 pt kill team (GW version) and 1000 pt roster. Plus on Bolter and Chainsword they are doing an Armor challenge in the Ravenguard section so that is an excuse to paint my predator destructor which I have 2 planned at 1000 pts, along with a dread, and a Land Speeder Tornado, 5 5 man scout teams, and a Captain. Kill team I'm thinking 2 5 man teams and a land speeder storm.

I'll update this blog again soon.

There is only the Emperor