Thursday, March 16, 2017

WIP Vow #3 Kite I and Kite II update #1

Update time

So this has been sitting around for a few days and i finally got around to taking pics of what I got accomplished. The side step was an intentional break as it was not sitting flush. 

Crew In


Crew out


Pilots (bare head will be for Typhoon "Kite I")

so if you notice that the bare head pilot has a black strip running down his shoulder pad behind his unit designation marking. That is something I am planning to do for all my Veteran Sgts, while veterans will have just the yellow strip on their helmet


So the pilot of Kite I is the Veteran Sgt for the 8th company, 8th Assault company (all my typhoons and tempest will be crewed by the 8th assault squad members)


Dread with his Veteran stripe


Veteran Techmarine


Veteran sgt


I am still waiting on order I placed for tarantula Hyperios launchers, tempest and thunderfire cannons to arrive (3 of each) and at least my Telion and Damocles command rhino parts are in the states....just not my state. 

The more I work on this army the happier I am with it in modeling terms. Lots of future conversions planned for this army.....even with me getting a 3rd Brotherhood Master Voldus for my Grey Knights, still seemyself working on the Raptors above any other Chapter.....sorry Sisters of Battle and Crimson Fists.

Hopefully the new "40k munda" aka Shadow War: Armageddon wont suck as I have plans for my Raptors in that game too.....SCOUTS LEAD THE WAY

Until next time

There is only the Emperor!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

WIP VOW #3 Kite I and Kite II

Vow #3 has started as 2 Land Speeder Typhoon Squadron 'Kite"

Kite II and Kite I

This is the first time in a long time I have built a land speeder (Storms don't count). In fact last last ones I built were plastic/ pewter hybrids when they first came out. These were a lot less annoying to build then them but still had annoying factors. Overal happy with the build for them and a nice addition to the 10th Company of Raptors. Only grips so far is the decals or the lack of them....I need 4 assault marking per vehicle and only got 1....😠

After these are completed, I have 1 more vehicle to go.....Land Speeder Storm and the 1000 pts will be built and vehicles painted.

1000 Points Raptors List

Chapter Tactics - Raptors

Captain Voss- Warlord, Power Armor, Relic Blade, Ex Tenebris (Raven Guard Relic) melta bombs

Dreadnought Owl I- Rifleman load out

Scout Squad III Felk- Melee, vsgt power maul and melta bombs, Land Speeder storm Multi melta

Scout Squad IV Tomez- Shotguns, camo cloaks, vsgt melta bombs power maul & shotgun

Scout Squad V Helios- bolters/ missile launcher camo cloaks, vsgt melta bombs 

Scout Squad VI Archlift- bolters/ missile launcher camo cloaks, vsgt melta bombs 

Scout Squad VII Venze- Sniper Rifles/ heavy bolter, camo cloaks vsgt sniper rifle

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Typhoon Kite I- Typhoon missile launcher Heavy bolter

Land Speeder Typhoon Kite II- Typhoon missile launcher Heavy bolter

Heavy Support
Predator Destructor Vulture III- Dozer blade, heavy bolters sponsons, and storm bolter

thats the goal....get this all painted to play a game....but will it before 8th edition

Thursday, March 2, 2017

OWL I completed and Next vow (#3)

And my 2nd vow for the Talon's Reach Armory Build is complete!

I present Rifleman Dreadnought "Owl I"

Vow Taken: 02/25/2017 
Vow Completed: 03/02/2017

Elapsed time- 5 days (and that was with 2 days not working on it....)






On to Vow #3

2 Landspeeder Typhoons "Kite I & Kite II"

Vow Taken: 03/02/2017 
Vow Completed: 

Elapsed time-