Monday, April 16, 2018

It has begun.....

Deathwatch build has officially begun.....

Parts are consistently arriving from all the crap I ordered recently....but most importantly was the Shapeways order from Pop Goes the Monkey for more chapter Shoulder pads and my guns for the Jokaero. I still have a bunch of stuff coming in plus I ordered more Shoulder pads and bits today.

I finally started working on models this weekend. I set up Kill Team "Saber" into the parts bin to make it easier to work on them. I ran out of hobby time and was not able to pull the shoulder pads I just received into the bins yet. I did find a good substitute CCW weapon for the Flesh Tearer......Cataphracti Chain Axe and I decided he will get the bare head for the squad.

Next I started working on the Razorback "Long Sword" with the Forgeworld Twin Linked Lasscannons. I'm in love with the razorback conversions from FW and ended up building the twin linked Heavy Bolter Variant also. I think I think I will eventually buy the Multi Melta, Twin Linked Assault cannon, Lascannon/ Twin Plasma gun Variants for both Razorbacks just to have variety.  So I built it to point where it was just a mock up of how it would look, and actually it is all built now with doors glued in place. I did not glue the copulas, for razorblack plate in so i can switch to a rhino as needed.

Then I began mocking up the Jokaero (and today the 40k FAQ dropped so now I have to change my list since I can not take an Inquisitor in my detachment....yet).

I cut the square peg off  Storm Raven Gunner/ Servitor and added the back end of the HK tube as a spacer/ belt, the sensor is the sensor for the HK mounted to the front of the HK Launcher which will be the base mounted to the Epic scale Land Raider. Still lots of plasticard  work to do such as, fill the  bottom of the land raider to cover gap, fill in lascannon mount points build actuators for the base to body (like shown above on the Exorcist Loader servitor) and the gun arm. ordered some random Ad Mech parts for it to make it more Servitor like too. 

I began looking at my Priests and the stormbolters I ordered for them and I am not happy using the priests for them. Trying to get OOP Wargames Factory Shock Troopers for my acolytes.

I may have to cut and them at the ankles and lower them but they should work better. I'm gonna give them various Games Workshop heads (Fallegants, Glade Guard hooded, Cadian heads), Militarum Tempestus arms converted to hold the storm bolters, various 40k bits (pouches, holsters, icons) to make them more unique and to hide what they were or attempt too. 

While Joking around with a friend and as we both were searching ebay for stiff getting listed due to the FAQ killing Spam and soup lists I saw something and went "hmmmmm objective counters for my DW maybe....."

The little girl in the blue dress with the revolver

If I remove the pistol and use the variant non helmeted head, I have this creepy little girl that comes in a pack of 3....2 packs makes 6 objectives.....and then I hear this creepy little girls voice say...."You're all going to die down here."

Perfect for my Deathwatch Kill Teams to deal with from the Inquisitor they are attached to.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


As I continue to work on lists I keep finding myself doing the dreaded Imperial Soup thing....But more from a fluff stand point.

I have my Inquisitor Lord on its way to me. Then I bought parts to build a 2nd Ordo Xenos Inquisitor based off of Greyfax. Then I decided to buy a datasmith to count as my Magos Biologis in the strike force. Then I bought a Tech Priest Dominus and started thinking about a small ad mech patrol attached to my Ordo Xenos strike force. But then I'm like I need more bodies and should add Militarum Tempestus units too. And an Assassin..just in case. Just a tad out of hand.....IMHO but oh well. I have enough to work on tomorrow anyway

Monday, April 9, 2018

It is time.......

So finally I will have some free time coming up this week....hopefully. With work, life, gym, and other commitments, hobby time has been zero. I am hopping to get cracking on the 500 pt Escalation league this week.

I wanted to use the Ad Mech Electro Priests as my Acolytes but they are Marine size so back to using various priests and Inquisitorial Henchmen I have laying around.

Inquisitor Lord Xavier Okorududo- Call Sign " Epsilon"

4 Alcolytes to be converted to have hoods and stormbolters.

-Samkiel- Agent 87- "Scholar"
-Hasdiel- Agent 42- "Whisper"
-Ambriel- Agent 16- "Rouser"
-Nathaniel- Agent 33-"Sermon"

Jokaero- see Previous post - "J0kA3r0-1, J0-1 for short"

Kill team - "Saber"
Sons of Orar, Iron Lords, Marines Malevolent, Flesh Tear, Iron Knight (Storm Shield)

Kill Team - "Rapier"
Exorcist, Ragnar's Great Company (Space Wolf) Hawk Lord, Iron Snake (Storm Shield), Brazen Minotaur (Frag Cannon)

Razorback- "Broadsword"

Friday, April 6, 2018

Suffer not the alien to live

Still progressing along with various lists in preparation for the ETL that I am combining with an Escalation league for my local gaming group.

Lets look at my Round 1 500 pt Escalation League list......

+ HQ +

Inquisitor-Lord Solomon Lok
+ Troops+

Deathwatch Kill Team
. Deathwatch Veteran : Boltgun, Chainsword
. Deathwatch Veteran : Boltgun, Chainsword
. Deathwatch Veteran : Boltgun, Storm Shield
. Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon : Deathwatch Frag Cannon
. Watch Sergeant : Boltgun, Power sword

Deathwatch Kill Team
. Deathwatch Veteran : Boltgun, Chainsword
. Deathwatch Veteran : Boltgun, Chainsword
. Deathwatch Veteran : Boltgun, Chainsword
. Deathwatch Veteran : Boltgun, Storm Shield
. Watch Sergeant : Boltgun, Chainsword

+ Elites +

Acolytes : Ordo Xenos
. Acolyte : Stormbolter  Bolt pistol
. Acolyte : Stormbolter. Bolt pistol
. Acolyte : Stormbolter. Bolt pistol
. Acolyte : Stormbolter. Bolt pistol

Jokaero Weaponsmith : Digital Weapons

+ Dedicated Transport  +

Razorback : Storm bolter , Twin lascannon

16 models and a vehicle. 

Recently I ordered more chapter (Storm Wardens,  Blood Ravens,  Dusk Raiders,  Doom Eagles,  Iron Lords,  Star Phantoms,  Red Sabers,  Exorcists,  Fire Hawks, Consecrators, Disciples of Caliban, Golden Griffons, Death Specters, Marines Malevolent, Crimson Sabers, Marines Errant, Crimson Castellans, Sons of Orar, Harbingers, and Roaring Lions) shoulder pads from Pop Goes the Monkey , a dreadnought Deathwatch shoulder pad from another seller, also purchased human sized storm bolters from the Reliquary on shapeways for my Alcolytes, and 28mm alien smart guns for my Jokaero's all from Shapeways, Inquisitor Lok from Forgeworld, and Epic scale Land raiders.

Weapons for Jokaero and Epic scale Land Riders......but War009 don't Jokaero's have digi lasers or something......

Right turn Clyde.....
Mine will not be space monkeys.......What Deathwatch member would willing serve with a monkey....

So that thought in my mind is that my "Jokaero Weaponmasters" will be tracked gun servitors. I plan to use the body from the Stormraven Servitor for the main body.   Yeah bring it modeling skills.

Also my insanity knowing no bounds I also finally purchased the Citadel Skulls box. Why?

-10 T'au skulls
- 5 Kroot skulls
- 6 alien skulls
- 21 Genestealer Hybrid skulls
- 20 Ork skulls without jaws
- 5 Ork jawbones
- 7 Ork skulls with jaws open
- 7 Ork skulls with jaws

- 15 human jawbones
- 5 Ork jawbones

 -82 human skulls with jawbones
- 86 human skulls without jawbones
- 15 human jawbones
- 60 assorted damaged human skulls

I think they will add some flair to the Elrik's hobbies Corrupted Outpost base I have....Elrik's Hobbies bases are amazing. Glad to see they had a great Adeptacon. 

For the Razorback, I am pretty sure I am going to go with the FW upgrade variant from my tarantulas I have laying around for my Raptors (they are going to be Assault Cannons now anyways)

old hotness
New Hotness

It just looks sleeker and more aggressive. And something new for me is no stowage on it.

I am looking forward to working on this army so hopefully in a few days I can get started. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Purge all Xenos.........

So Captain Semper over on Bolter & Chainsword pretty much said E Tenebra Lux VI is coming.... As much as I would love to vow my Adepta Sororitas or my Raptors I need to deal with the Xeno threat in my group.

Deathwatch is going to be coming in hot  and fast. I have been planning my vows out and I think I am going to be small strike teams (patrols) per vow. It's gonna be more of a why not than anything else.

So far I have the following ideas:

Vow 1- Force Staff Librarian (Blood Ravens) leading Kill Team Scimitar - Dark Angel Sgt (SIA Bolter Plasma/ Power Sword), 2 Veterans with SIA Bolters and Storm Shields, 2 Veterans with SIA Bolters and Chainswords, and 4 Veterans with Infernus Heavy Bolters, All in a drop pod. Current Points 481

Vow 2- Death Spectres Librarian Lyandro Karras "Scholar"/ "Alpha" leading Kill Team Talon -  Kill team Veteran Ravenguard Siefer "Ghost" Zeed (count as sgt with twin Lighting claws.), Kill Team Veteran Ultramarine Ignatio "Prophet" Solarion (SIA Bolter and Chainsword) , Kill Team Veteran Exorcists Darrion "Watcher" Rauth (SIA Bolter and Chainsword), Kill Team Veteran Imperial Fist Maximmion "Omni" Voss (Frag Cannon), Kill Team Veteran Red Hunters Malasan "Whisper" Medth (Stalker Bolter and Chainsword), Lamenters Dreadnought Chyron, Converted Inquistior Lok "Sigma", Interrogator (count as acolyte)  "White Phoenix" (Plasma Pistol & Chainsword), Scribe and Servo Skull (will count as acolytes with las pistol, chainswords).
Points 486

Still thinking about the other vows the vows are not in order.

Vow 2 are almost all based off characters from Steve Parker's Deathwatch novels (Headhunted, Exhumed, and Deathwatch) which I have been reading lately in the form of the Deathwatch Omnibus. Red Hunter Malasan "Whisper" Medth is added because I need to have a full 5 dudes not counting the Dreadnought and Librarian. Siefer "Ghost" Zeed is becoming the squad Sgt just to get an additional attack. I may switch him to carry a SIA Bolter instead of the other claw but I like the idea of twin claws in the team.

Stay tuned

Thursday, March 22, 2018

It's been over a month....WTF

So big announcement yesterday.....Plastic Sisters in 2019- No images just confirmed by GW at Adepticon.

In other news. next three codexes announced Dark Eldar, Imperial Knights and Deathwatch.

Come at me Bro
With the amount of Xenos floating around my group.....its time to get the boys in black ready. Previously I built my Converted Aremis- Crimson Fist Shoulder pad and Xenophase blade, Venerable Dreadnought which I magnetized the right arm weapons.....BONUS. and Kill Team Cassius Contents. All are primed and ready to paint.

This with the following unbuilt units: Corvus Blackstar, Terminator squad, vanguard Veterans, 3 kill Teams and another Artemis. Plus I have a Start Collecting box, Watch Master, and another 5 kill team members heading there way to me, I have a decent sized army. Still trying to figure my load outs and if they keep Primaris (I'm torn between keeping and dropping them from DW) or not. Still need a Blood Angel Terminator Librarian and another Corvus Blackstar.

Basing I think, I will be going to my go to base maker Elrik's Hobbies with their Corrupted bases

looks like a xenos invasion and diamond plate. What I am looking for on my bases. Add some xenos skulls and should look nice.

Watch Master is going to be an Imperial Fist. Eventually I play to rebuild my old Space Wolf Lord as a Watch Captain in Terminator Armor but he will be heavily modified to fit the look of a Veteran from Erik Morkai's Great Company.

Thats it for now....Stay tuned for updates.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I need to get me some more of those......LIKE NOW

 So Khymara round one Tourney is almost done....we need a playoff between the Nids and the Guard players to see who swings the momentum in which sides favor.  Both Players went 3-0. 3rd went to our Death Guard player only loss was against the Nid player in a close game. 2 players (Thousand Sons and Tau) went 1-1-1 due to school, I went 1-2, and 2 players went 0-3 (Ravenguard and Genestealer Cult). All in all fun times. Beast of the Games was Vulture III my Predator Destructor. 8 wounds on the Thousand Sons Heldrake first turn and only turn of that game. It put the fear in the Deathguard Player in another close fought game for him.  Pounded the Guard for 5 straight turns while shrugging off hits. Owl I (Rifleman Pattern Dreadnought) was a close second. I am adding Owl II (same load out as Owl I) and Vulture II to the next list.....after I build them and some new toys to go with them the rest of the army.

I think I'll drop the Chaplain (he did ok, just not great), Melee Scouts, and Shotgun Scouts for a LT, more bolter scouts, and more sniper scouts. With the extra points (After Vulture II and OWL II), Ill add a Sternguard squad for more shooty death.

So the list would look like this:

Captain- Primarch's Wraith, Power Sword
LT- Master Crafted Bolter, Power Axe

Sternguard Squad- Vet Sgt Power Sword.
Rifleman Dread
Rifleman Dread

Scout Squad I- Bolters, Heavy Bolter Camo Cloaks
Scout Squad IV- Bolters Missile Launcher Camo Cloaks
Scout Squad V- Bolters Missile Launcher Camo Cloaks
Scout Squad VII- Sniper Rifles Heavy Bolter Camo Cloaks
Scout Squad IX- Sniper Rifles Heavy Bolter Camo Cloaks
Scout Squad X- Bolters Missile Launcher Camo cloaks

Scout bike Squad- 2 Grenade launchers and Veteran Sgt with Power maul

Predator Destructor- Heavy Bolters and stormbolter
Predator Destructor- Heavy Bolters and stormbolter.