Tuesday, June 12, 2018

sneaky sneaky

Long time no post been super busy with real life.......

No time to work on a DW in the past few weeks and I have the itch to work on my Raptors again for my local groups Escalation campaign.

We began discussing a King of the Hill game also. 4 players 1000 pts or less, 5 turns center object (Rescue craft) that will evacuate who ever holds the center at the end of turn 5. To keep the Rescue Craft neutral we may be going into my collection of unbuilt models for this thing...

Antenocities Worskhop Azure Dragon

Also Anvil Industries received some restock I have been waiting for.....

So I have 40 box mags, 20 sniper scopes, 40 peq/ laser range finders, 40 tactical scopes, 10 night vision optics, 40 suppressors and 10 reflex sights on order. time to have some fun....once they arrive.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Update time

Death watch ETL is still trucking along......not as fast as I would have hoped but any progress is good progress. Last Thursday I spent my after noon priming the models I vowed.....1 1/4 cans of  GW Chaos black and the new can shoot les models then the used can....stupid heat. My fault for trying to rush and not letting it cool off before priming resulting in 2 pieces not getting primed....Murphy's law strikes again.

So the primed pile of stuff

Back in Black

I will try to get the Watch Captain's back/ Cloak and Xenophase sword arm primed today......maybe. Work schedule and other hobbies are making it doubtful they will be primed this week....

So the painted stuff....

This is the WIP of the yet to be named Flesh Tearer Veteran armed with a Chain axe from a Cataphractii Terminator.....GO BIG or go Home.

So far he has received his first base coat, wash, and first layer paint (see below for paints used). Still a Long ways to go on him.

Next up we have Watch Captain Holoverus Pollis of the Crimson Fists. His head is about 90% done, some minor clean up and fixing his eyes and scars and I will probably call it good.

So I paint a lot of flesh mainly cause of my Sisters of Battle/ Adepta Sororitas then 10th Company Space Marine Scout armies I have had over the years.

For Marines I am doing the following method:

-Undercoat black (or grey or white)
-Bugman's glow base
-Reikland Fleshshade (recesses)
-Cadian Flesh
-Teeth, eyes, service studs ie details that are not flesh
-Kislev Flesh

For the Ravenguard (& Successors) I will dry brush Praxeti White to give them paler skin tone.

The reason I stop painting flesh and go into details is then I can fix the mistakes with less steps i have to redo.

Crimson Fist Update:

I'm sitting on right around 4,000 pts of Primaris Marines for my Crimson Fists plus the other Companies I already have for them.

There is 1 more toy I am eyeballing for my primaris but that will have to wait...

Still waiting to hear back from a shapeways designer about my tactical markings. But ordered my paint Vallejo game air Imperial blue to airbrush them all. Along with my 2 separate FW orders, Twin Assault cannon turrets x 3 for my Deathwatch and Imperial Fist Repulsor Doors x 3 and Crimson Fists Icons x2 or 3 for the Crimson Fist project. Plenty of stuff to work on. Hopefully during my staycation in mid June.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Primaris Army and Deathwatch Update

Deathwatch update......not much to report. Hopefully laying down some primer on some models today after work.

Current status:

Watch Captain- sub assemble waiting to be primed
Kill Team 1- sub assemble waiting to be primed
Kill Team 2- Unbuilt
Tarantula- built waiting to be primed
Razorback - built waiting to be primed

I did order more stuff for the DW recently. Another DW Land raider to bring my total 2 for them, 3 Assault cannon Tarantulas so I'll have 3 Heavy Bolters and 3 Assault Cannons, plus the 3 Razorbacks with twin las cannons. And finally some genestealer bits (toxin sacks and extended carapace) to spread around on the bases more DW pouches for figures down the line.

So I made a decision for my Primaris Marines and trying to find a shapeways designer to help me with the last bit.

My Favorite Primarchs are Leman Russ and Rogal Dorn. I've been playing Crimson Fists for year and an as much as I hated the thought of Primaris Crimson Fists it makes sense compared to my other armies.

My Primaris Crimson Fists will Consist of:

Primaris Captain- Plasma pistol Power Fist (relic)
Primaris Librarian
Primaris Chaplain
Primaris LTs

Primaris Ancient
Primaris Apothecary
5 man Reivers x2
3 man Aggressors x2
Redemptor Dread x2

5 man Intercessor Squad x7

3 man Interceptor Squad x3

5 man Hellblaster Squad x3

3 Repulsors

@ 4000 pts

still to purchase FW repulsor doors and CF Icons.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Primaris Marines

Lately I have been listening to the Dark Imperium Audio book thanks to Amazon audible. It is Very pro Ultramarine but whatever.... it does having me thinking about my Primaris marine tho.

Originally they were going to be Imperial Fists painting yellow SUCKS! Then Raptors but it really takes away from the all scout army aspect......

What other chapters do I like?

Space Wolves- They are far to along to be converted into the Sons of Russ....Plus if I every go back to Wolves I'm building Erik Morkai's Great Company...Pass

Black Dragons- Ummm Order of the Martyred Lady Adepta Sororitas Black Armor Red Robes, Deathwatch Adeptus Astartes Black Armor red and silver accents. Black Dragons- Black Armor....pass

Exorcists- Yeah I rather build them using Grey Knight rules...Maybe

Dark Angels- Already 2 Dark Angel players in my group......Pass

Crimson Fists- Sucktasic rules.....and no real flair for the army.....I have almost 2 companies of Regular marines.  I do love the scheme and fluff..Maybe

Raptors- Better rules and hard hitting......plus camo...maybe

Monday, May 7, 2018

ETL Vow in and update

ETL Vow Submitted

-Watch Captain Holoverus Pollis- Combi Flamer, Xenophase Blade
-Kill Team "Saber"- Sgt SIA Bolter, Power Sword, 3 Veterans SIA Bolter, Close combat weapon, 1 Veteran SIA Bolter, Storm Shield
-Kill Team "Rapier"- Sgt SIA Bolter, Power Sword, 2Veterans SIA Bolter, Close combat weapon, 1 Veteran SIA Bolter, Storm Shield, 1 Veteran Frag Cannon
-Tarantula Sentry Gun with Heavy Bolters
- Razorback "Longbow" with twin lascannons

Finally submitted pics and had time to work on some stuff but not much done....
The before pics:



The started tarantula is not a part of the vow but since I did start it I'm including pics of it as proof the unbuilt on is the one I am working on to keep to it honest. 

Razorback and the Watch Captain (all bases from Elriks Hobbies, Corrupted Outpost line)




Kill Team 2


Kill Team 1



Where I stand as we near the end of week 1.


Still to do:
  1. Build 2 more vets (one of which will be the sgt)
  2. Drill mounting points in the bases for kill team #1
  3. Put Tarantula in the ultrasonic cleaner full of soap and water to remove release agent
  4. Build Kill Team #2
  5. base coat everything
  6. paint everything

Side note picked up another DW Land Raider, Corvus, Start Collecting box, and Inquisitor Greyfax to convert into a Interrogator for my Inquistion task force , tons of AdMech, Scion and Guard bits for my Jokaeros, parts to make my Alcolytes and Objective counters, parts to start  my eventual Magos Biologis AdMech contingent.

Monday, April 16, 2018

It has begun.....

Deathwatch build has officially begun.....

Parts are consistently arriving from all the crap I ordered recently....but most importantly was the Shapeways order from Pop Goes the Monkey for more chapter Shoulder pads and my guns for the Jokaero. I still have a bunch of stuff coming in plus I ordered more Shoulder pads and bits today.

I finally started working on models this weekend. I set up Kill Team "Saber" into the parts bin to make it easier to work on them. I ran out of hobby time and was not able to pull the shoulder pads I just received into the bins yet. I did find a good substitute CCW weapon for the Flesh Tearer......Cataphracti Chain Axe and I decided he will get the bare head for the squad.

Next I started working on the Razorback "Long Sword" with the Forgeworld Twin Linked Lasscannons. I'm in love with the razorback conversions from FW and ended up building the twin linked Heavy Bolter Variant also. I think I think I will eventually buy the Multi Melta, Twin Linked Assault cannon, Lascannon/ Twin Plasma gun Variants for both Razorbacks just to have variety.  So I built it to point where it was just a mock up of how it would look, and actually it is all built now with doors glued in place. I did not glue the copulas, for razorblack plate in so i can switch to a rhino as needed.

Then I began mocking up the Jokaero (and today the 40k FAQ dropped so now I have to change my list since I can not take an Inquisitor in my detachment....yet).

I cut the square peg off  Storm Raven Gunner/ Servitor and added the back end of the HK tube as a spacer/ belt, the sensor is the sensor for the HK mounted to the front of the HK Launcher which will be the base mounted to the Epic scale Land Raider. Still lots of plasticard  work to do such as, fill the  bottom of the land raider to cover gap, fill in lascannon mount points build actuators for the base to body (like shown above on the Exorcist Loader servitor) and the gun arm. ordered some random Ad Mech parts for it to make it more Servitor like too. 

I began looking at my Priests and the stormbolters I ordered for them and I am not happy using the priests for them. Trying to get OOP Wargames Factory Shock Troopers for my acolytes.

I may have to cut and them at the ankles and lower them but they should work better. I'm gonna give them various Games Workshop heads (Fallegants, Glade Guard hooded, Cadian heads), Militarum Tempestus arms converted to hold the storm bolters, various 40k bits (pouches, holsters, icons) to make them more unique and to hide what they were or attempt too. 

While Joking around with a friend and as we both were searching ebay for stiff getting listed due to the FAQ killing Spam and soup lists I saw something and went "hmmmmm objective counters for my DW maybe....."

The little girl in the blue dress with the revolver

If I remove the pistol and use the variant non helmeted head, I have this creepy little girl that comes in a pack of 3....2 packs makes 6 objectives.....and then I hear this creepy little girls voice say...."You're all going to die down here."

Perfect for my Deathwatch Kill Teams to deal with from the Inquisitor they are attached to.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


As I continue to work on lists I keep finding myself doing the dreaded Imperial Soup thing....But more from a fluff stand point.

I have my Inquisitor Lord on its way to me. Then I bought parts to build a 2nd Ordo Xenos Inquisitor based off of Greyfax. Then I decided to buy a datasmith to count as my Magos Biologis in the strike force. Then I bought a Tech Priest Dominus and started thinking about a small ad mech patrol attached to my Ordo Xenos strike force. But then I'm like I need more bodies and should add Militarum Tempestus units too. And an Assassin..just in case. Just a tad out of hand.....IMHO but oh well. I have enough to work on tomorrow anyway