Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Knights of Titan

Grey Knights are chugging along. I have a 1000 pt list planned out and probably not very competitive but its fitting for the style I/m going with. I am done to 8 models left to build which 4 are rhino bodies. Sadly only 5 models are painted of the 25 in the list.

I have moved away from playing the 3rd Brotherhood under Grand Master Voldus to the 6th Brotherhood under Grand Master Anval Laraon

6th Brotherhood 'The Rapiers' : The 6th are known as stringent taskmasters and strategic thinkers. The Grand Master of the 6th, the High Seneschal of the Citadel of Titan, is tasked with crafting the most elite and deadly strike forces. Rather than mass firepower, the 6th relies on surgical strikes of elite smalls quads. When mass manpower is necessary, the 6th will deploy mindless Servitors to bog down the enemy to allow the Grey Knights to focus on higher risk targets

Why the change? No Special characters, Rapid Strikes/ Responses, and fits my build better. Also allows me to convert my HQs more.  No need for Stern when I can build/ Convert a plastic  brother captain from the box with a few other parts. Voldus will have his hammer replaced with a Halbred and be used to support my back line with his relic stormbolter and Gate of Infinity psychic power.

My main Hq will be a Brotherhood Champion due to saving points and he fits with most of my forces. Plus he can have a plus 3 to his wound roll.....with D3 damage a hit....with 4 attacks.... so 12 wounds possible.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Well with Bolter and Chainsword being down, I kind of forgot to update the blog and had some other hobbies I was working on.

So here's an update on all the 40k projects:

- Adepta Sororitas Project- Stalled
-Raptors Adeptus Astartes- Stalled
-Exorcists Adeptus Astartes- Stalled
-Crimson Fists Adeptus Astartes- Purchased Icons and Squad markings....stalled too
NOTE- I have just not felt like working on these projects as they are airbrush heavy and lack of time for me to airbrush. Also weather is not helping either.....
-Grey Knights- Paint in progress.....Seriously

So I switched over to "building" actual Grey Knights for Kill Team...not Exorcists counting as Grey Knights. While looking through youtube videos I found a video from Sledgehammer studios on How to paint Grey Knights quickly 

With a Paint guide in hand I tackled building first 5 Kill team Members:

  • Justicar with a Nemesis force Sword (I really am confused why I built him with it as my lists had him with a Pair of Nemesis Falchions)
  • Combat Specialist with a Pair of Nemesis Falchions
  • Zealot Specialist with a Pair of Nemesis Falchions (seeing a theme here)
  • Comms Specialist with a Psilencer
  • Grey Knight Halbred......
Built and primed I went to work painting my Justicar and 40k list building.....Next thing I know I have 3 5 man strike teams with various load outs and a Brother Champion to count as my "Commander" hopefully. 

The FAQ dropped and well models got cheaper cause Falchions are now 1 pt for the pair not 1 pt per blade but needing 2. and well Psilencer is no longer comms as he cant buff himself...heavy it is.

Friday will be my first game of kill Team against Deathguard.....outnumbered by 3 models cause he of pox walkers...hopefully I do good. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Exorcists project

So Exorcists were being worked on....ie Removing magnets from the "psilencer" heavy gunner. I have decided not to magnetize everything but continue up scaling and conversions I have planned.

The project is restarting as a Kill Team Campaign roster listed as such:

Leader- Justicar- Dual Falchions
Specialist- Veteran dual Falchions
Specialist- Zealot Dual falchions
Specialist Combat- Dual Falchions.....see a trend here
Specialist Comms- Psilencer or PSycannon have not decided yet
Specialist Heavy- Whatever the comms does not get
Specialist Demolitions- Incinerator
Fire team: 2 Justicars (1 halbred, 1 Daemon Hammer), 6 Grey Knights (1 Warding staff and the rest will have halberds I believe)

My kill team is just under 300 pts....for this roster. With Rogue trader and the commander rule I can add my Planned Conversion of FW's Knight Errant Tylos Rubio as my future commander....but wait

15 grey knight strike models, 3 justicars, 3 heavies........that means Exorcists tactical Demi Squads 1-3 will be done and since Tylos Rubio is in Power armor it can be my Brother champion......BAM Patrol and Kill Team done

now to get working on them

But lets talk about Tylos Rubio real quick and my palns for him:

Parts Break down

keeping the head and his Psychic Hood and torso torso to be chopped below belt and at thighs to extend height

All this will go to the bits box...

I'll add a MK IV helmet to his belt and some other doodads and I am using this model's load out for him

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Exorcists continuing saga

I've been thinking do I really need to magnetize everything?

This project has stalled but now that the decals are here, I am hopping to get time to work on them and My "Eversor Scion" Kill Team, and Adepta Sororitas

Order of Our Martyred Lady

Well Dragon Forge Bases are washed and ready for prep work. Canoness Athena received her new Melta barrel for her Combi Melta as the previous one was lost.....again. And the major task of cutting the pewter tabs off the legs was accomplished. Just need to file and smooth out fit and start prepping them for pinning to bases and off to paint for everything....hopefully next week.

Wont have time over the next few days as other projects (non 40k) will be taking priority.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Order of Our Martyred Lady Adepta Sororitas

My Adepta Sororitas army is moving a long slowly......as the normal for me, BUT I have a good excuse this time.

Haboob what was known as a Dust storm

So it is Monsoon Season here in AZ, which means it maybe a good time to paint then it rains out of nowhere or we get hit with a Haboob which is just a funny named dust storm....and a stupid name at that. 

But I digress, My 500 pt list is cleaned, filed, weapons drilled,  ready for primer if the weather ever agrees to it. Still need to wash and clean their Dragon Forge bases and prep all the models for pinning to their base, which I'm not looking forward to cutting the tabs off their feet. 

Friday, August 24, 2018

Decals Proofs

I've been really busy lately with other hobbies but I did get the proof for my decals from Chapter customizer.