Monday, August 13, 2018

A Spiritu Dominatus....

So lately I've been listening to Amazon Audible books from Black Library.  even though I have read Faith and Fire many a  times I still bought the audible book. So the other day I was working on My GK psilencer Strike team member and the next day I thought I work on the next member of the squad....I didn't. I started working on the MKIB immolator project I've been sitting on for a while. The next day I was hangout with some friends at my FLGS and playing with his knights.....yeah I had to roll for him while he was occupied and his GF almost took out the knight I was rolling for. Later that day I found my self stripping a bunch of Adepta Sororitas models in LA Totally Awesome (its a $1 at Dollar Tree). Then pointing out lists for my Sisters....its a sickness. 

So Im back to working on my Order of the Martyred Lady Adepta Sorotias army for 8th edition. I've been watching a lot of painting videos from Janene over at Mini War Gaming to try different techniques to make them stand out.

So far I plan on getting the 500 pts done for them and continue adding points (250 or 500) over time. Right now the army will be a patrol led by Canoness Athena (as always), Imagifier, a few small Battle Sister squads, Dominions, Seraphim and Retributors. 

I placed a Custom Decal order from Chapter Customizer  because the only decals I have for my order are wrong. 

Old logo, new one is same but in white with red skull

I have 50 32mm Sanctuary bases in their Fleur De Lis and non Fleur De Lis pattern, both Hero stlyes bases, Fleur De Lis, and the large ruins set from Dragon Forge   I planned on using for my Adepta Sororitas. Since Dragon Forge is a one person operation and takes time for him to make them, I figured it was time to order more since I'm using 1 Hero (40mm base) and 26 32mm bases plus 5 pieces from the ruins. But I ordered 2 100mm bases and the smaller ruins set too.  

For what?

The 2 Armiger Helverins I am adding to the army. I honestly feel that Sisters should not have a LoW in 40k and rely on Knights for that purpose so I going to add @ 1500 pts of Knights to my army in the form of 2 Helverins, 2 Warglaives, a Knight Gallant and a Knight ....I'm not sure but it will have the Crusader or Warden.

So 1 Helverin is in the list at 1750 but it may become a cost of repressors and rhinos tho. 

The Knights will either by heavily weathered or off white and reds. and I'll be using Hawkshroud rules. Even tho they will be "Freeblades"' or a house joined a War of Fath.

Monday, August 6, 2018

WIP of Justicar

Crazy Work Schedule is over.....back to 5 8 hr shifts..........

So to celebrate I started working on my Exorcists (count as Grey Knights) Kill Team/ Army. 

Brother Justicar Dradon Andref of the 1st Tactical Strike squad With his Nemesis Daemon Morning Star (Hammer) 

His arms, head, backpack, and melee weapons are all magnetized. I added the Justicar GK Hood to help further distinguish them as GK on the table top.

Still have to do all the GS work (gaps, tabard, and pruity seals, but over all Im happy with him so far. 5 more guys to do for his squad. I need stronger arm/ shoulder magnets. Also I went with a 1mm thigh spacer which keeps him a tad shorter than a primaris marine which was the goal. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Exorcists build ideas

So after talking with my regular opponent last night, he agreed that with all the little changes I'm doing that changing all the blades and not the just the hammers needs to be done to give it that extra flair. As a cost saving choice I will be making the weapons out plastic card.

As an idea here is what I'm thinking the shapes will look like.

All blades will be similar to this shape and be a little bit modified. 

Add the belt feed wrist mounted storm bolter, nemesis weapons, pouches and this is what Justicar Dradon Andref of the Exorcists 5th Company, 1st Tactical squad will look very similar too. 

Justicar Andref and his squad will pull double duty as a Kill Team and as the main squad or my army

Also we decided to build the army in 500 pt blocks instead of the normal 250 as it allows more variables. The planned list does not use Paladins so I think my terminators will be painted in this scheme:

If I decide to run Paladins I will not paint the regular terminators shoulder pads black. 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Exorcists planning continues.....

Well the plan continues on pace as expected and the first 6 heavy bolters and 3 boxes of 5 man Strike squads have arrived.

I have decided to change out the weapons some give them a more brutal look. Still deciding if I want to spend the money and by Dark Elf weapons or design them myself. The hammer heads will be replaced with maul heads from the Dark Angel Deathwing knight sprue.

I'm gonna buy a sternguard heavy flamer and possible a grav cannon for the Incinerator and Psycannon conversions.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Exorcists plan keeps on rolling.........

So I have been reviewing some the tactics and build guides online for the Grey Knights.....I don't expect to win but I rather have a cool looking army at the end of the day that I built and painted.

So the build will initially be for 40k Kill Team made up of 5 Strike squad members. Looking back at Grey Knights, they have changed quite a bit since their first full codex. This does bug me. As 40k evolves things change, armies change tiers etc it is part of the evolution. With Grey Knights this hurts the army as you have 3 Dedicated Boxes, and by "Dedicated" I mean only available to the Grey Knights, for the Army:

  • Nemesis Dreadknight- Builds NDK or with some conversion work Grand Master variant.
  • Terminators-  Builds Grey Knight Terminators, Paladins, Banner Bearers (both versions) and Apothecary.
  • Strike Squad- Purgation, Strike, Intercessor, and Purifier Squad. 
The weapon load outs keep changing in ability and point value.  A Marine with a bolter is a marine with a bolter. A Grey Knight with a halbred used to be scary now not so much. Plus with the various weapon load outs available it is hard to chose the right load out on the model.  Some games I may want the attacks on my guys some games I may just want to cleave armor for the squads. 

Strike squads box sets consist of 10 dudes now (used to be 5) and you get 4 sprues of parts. Here is the list of weapons you get:

  1.  6 pairs of Falchions
  2. 2 Daemon Hammers
  3. 2 Ward Staves
  4. 8 Swords
  5. 6 Halbreds
  6. 4 Psycannons
  7. 2 Incinerators
  8. 2 Psilencers
  9. 16 Stormbolter arms
My plan is to run a Strike squad as the following: 

  • Strike Sgt- Storm Bolter, Daemon Hammer
  • Strike team member- Storm bolter Falchions
  • 2 Strike team Members- Storm Bolter Swords
  • Strike team member- Psilencer
But the amount of games under my belt this might not be the most beneficial load out I could take. and well the Daemon hammer does have the -1 to hit on a 2 attack model. 

Enter Magnets.....yes as nutty as this sounds I will be magnetizing my models just to deal with the "oh here are your new rules, that out date your load outs. 

In the link there is a guide to Game Face Nation's 2 part Youtube video on how to magnetize Grey Knights and well any model. 

With the True scaling of the marines, Cinematic effects, rub and buff paint scheme, why not magnetize them too. 

Outside of Kill Team I am planning to expand it to  smallish army of Grey Knights starting at 500pts lead by a Brother Champion, Strike Squad (same as above), Interceptor Squad (Daemon Hammer, 2 Falchions, 2 Swords), and a Purgation Squad (Daemon Hammer 4 Psilencers).

From Games Workshop

Grey Knight Strike squad (arms, weapons, and accessories)

Mk IV Space Marines (Head, Torso, Legs, Shoulder pads, and maybe backpacks)

Since my Marines will be MK IV Space Marines form Betrayal at Calth, My Brother Champion will be based off of this model

All Models will be based on a the Sector Mechanicus Bases with a magnet underneath. 

PSilencers will modified using the PSilencers and heavy Bolters like pictured below

Zinge Industries Small Linked Ammo Belt (Pedro Kantor Syle) for my storm bolters

Armorcast Cinematic effects 

Storm bolters


Ginfritter Gnomish Workshops Decals

Squad numbers

Exorcists logo
Squad Markings

Shapeways parts

from The Reliquary 

Interceptor back packs

Ammo boxes for the storm bolter belt feeds. 

more ideas are floating around but not sure if i will do them......

Sunday, July 22, 2018

New Kill Team side projects

Well 40k Kill Team pre-orders went live yesterday and of course I pre-ordered stuff.

First off the most important things:

Gotta have rules to play the game and the cover is just gorgeous.

Cards I may need them and wanted them....

Killzone Sector Mechanicus- Desert landscape refinery....Perfect for Khymara.

This was a complete impulse buy......but hey I figure I can put my 2014 Bolter & Chainsword patch on it. 

Proud member and supporter since 2007

Around the web if you search hard enough you can find links and some of the rules for Kill Team on line and hopefully you FLGS has a demo copy.

Originally When I  designed Raptors Kill "Team 7" it was on a whim of what models I wanted 
Clock Wise from top left: Dane, Slayton, Chang, Fairchild, Cash, Sgt Lynch, Cray

I figured the out Team 7 would cost me 117 pts using 40k point values. It was then announced it teams were 100 pts max.... with the info out my team now costs 97 pts which means Team 7 will be ready for paint and basing soon....once im off this crazy schedule. 

And if you wonder why they are called Team 7, They are based off the Wildstorm comic book of the same name. 

Veteran Sgt Lynch aka "Topkick" Slayton "Backlash", Fairchild "Slaphammer", Chang " Bulleteer", Dane "Arclight", Cray "Deathblow", and Cash "Deadeye" before he becomes Grifter. 

But you said side projects......

Well I always wanted a Grey Knight army but didn't want to paint them silver. I always wanted an Exorcist army but no chapter tactic kind of blows and I'm not a fan of pick one from the codex to use. It never fit their fluff. 

So with Kill Team I'm starting my Exorcist "count as Grey Knights" army.

Planned build is Mk IV Space Marines, Grey Knight strike squad arms and weapons on sector Mechanicus bases. 

Paint scheme will be using the Rub and Buff technique which I love on these Word Bearers. Since it will be a small unique army I will be using this tutorial to Truescale them. Decals will be supplied from the Chapter Customizer, Ginfritter Gnomish Workshop, and the Betrayal at Calth Word Bearers. I will be doing some other minor conversions, such as Psilencer will be converted out of a Heavy Bolter and Storm Bolters are going belt fed like Pedro Kantor gauntlet mounted Dorn's Arrow.  I ordered everything I need so far for the customization for the first 500 pts I have planned including armorcast's Cinematic effects bursts to have them firing. 


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Raptors 8th "Air Assault" Company

Welcome to start of new series of Talking about the Planned Units for My Raptors army. 

From The  Raptors Wiki :

"The Raptors are known for shunning the glory of close quarter combat favored by many other Chapters for the simple expediency of the clean kill from afar with ranged weapons. Like their parent Chapter, the Raven Guard, the Raptors make extensive use of their Scout Marines dispersed throughout their task forces, and maintain a sizable contingent of Land Speeders of all types as well as a core of diverse armored vehicles. They prefer to employ these assets, along with their assault units, in precision strikes to overwhelm an enemy at strategically crucial junctures in battle after determining the most effective pressure point at which to break the enemy."

The 8th "Air Assault" Company is one of the many companies that will be heavily supporting the 10th on Khymara. The squad members of the 8th Company have be broken into to smaller units and assigned to various Vehicles to support the 10th Company's mission. 

Lets look at the vehicles of the 8th:

-Relic Javelin Land Speeder with two lascannons and 2 hunter killer missiles. Reason I am choosing to take one is my army will be lacking lascannons so the ability to take 2 on a land speeder would be nice plus the 2 HKs for more fun. I will leave it with a heavy bolter. Number Planned: 1

-"Retro" Land Speeder. Love the design and I will probably use the normal land speeder rules for them.  Not sure if I'll go Multi Melta or Dual Heavy bolters.  Number Planned: 1-3

-Land Speeder Typhoon and Tornadoes. Heavy bolters and pending class Typhoon Launchers or Assault cannons. Number Planned: 3 of each

-Land Speeder Tempest. Not quite a flyer and not quite a land speeder. No load out option changes. Planned Number: 3

-Stormhawk Interceptor. Crewed by the 8th company in my fluff. Still not sure final loadout. Planned Number: 1-2 Depends on Stormtalon

-Stormtalon Gunship. Like the Stormhawk, crewed by the 8th and not sure the load out. Planned Number: 1-2 Depends on Stormhawk